Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Organized

Finding a stylish and trendy solution to organize your personal favorites always seems like a hassle.

Luckily, it is not that hard. From wanting to keep your chains tarnish-free and non-tangled to keeping the gems on display and sorting things out, there is a lot you can do to keep your jewelry organized. All it takes is a bit of motivation with lots of creativity!

Furthermore, being organized is like being in control. Organizing jewelry helps protect it by keeping it non-tangled and tarnish-free. It also saves you time when you are getting ready, making the process of finding your favorites less time-consuming.

Let’s check some tips for keeping your jewelry organized!

1. Dedicate a Drawer

Picture of a drawer with a faint background

From any drawers at your home, choose one for jewelry safekeeping. Stack and organize your antique and expensive accessories here. While it is good to display what you have, we recommend keeping gold and silver jewelry out of sight. Leaving it out open may lead to theft or damage. It can also cause problems later on with your jewelry insurance policy when filing for claims. 

2. Declutter, but Remember That Less is Not More!

Image of jewelry in a box

If you have always been buying lots of jewelry, you might need to declutter your collection. You only have to remove broken, damaged, or incomplete items of jewelry. Such jewelry items only take up space and are no longer functional either. Instead of throwing them out in the bin, we recommend donating or recycling them. 

3. Use Storage Boxes

Picture of a woman sorting her jewelry in a storage box

You can place your jewelry into small storage boxes and put them into your wardrobe. This way, you would not have to run around for one particular jewelry set at the time of need. It is easy to store your jewelry in storage boxes as it does not get tangled. We recommend going for ones that allow for compartmentalization. 

4. Hook Them Up!

Image of hooked up necklaces

You can always hang your jewelry on walls, or maybe somewhere you change your clothes so that you can easily decide while dressing about which jewelry would go with your dress code. It would also be easily accessible and less time-consuming. Furthermore, you can get a little artsy here and let your gemstones be the home decor.

A great idea would be to get hooks and place jewelry on a wall next to polaroid pictures with fairy lights.

5. Get Fancy with Velvet

Picture of a ring and some flowers on a pink fabric cloth

There is a unique feeling one gets from the idea of laying the latest jewelry down on a plush velvet cushion. Use this trend to organize your jewelry stylishly. Another reason you would love this tip is that the velvety texture keeps those chains in place. Bid farewell to wandering earrings! 

6. Dish it Out

Picture of rings in a tray

From the patterned resin trays to the textured glass ones, display your jewelry on them without calling for too much attention. Traditionally, people dish out their rings and bracelets for the organization. You can also use old crockery plates for this purpose. Let yourself be the Picasso for the plate canvas and get artsy. Not only will this let you keep your jewelry safe and organized, but it also allows for the recycling of old kitchenware.  

7. Store Similar Items Together

Store Similar Items Together

Keeping similar items together is always a good idea for an organization. It allows you to group objects and streamline everything. You can get storage boxes and dedicate each to one type. For instance, use one for your earrings, another for your bracelets, and so on. However, make sure that your boxes let you keep your things without having them tangled up. 

8. Spice Up Home Decor

Image of jewelry items spread out

Place your pearly sets and gems out on the tables for an aesthetic show. If you have gold-dainty rings, spread them out on a table near some home plants. We recommend keeping the favorites that you use as tabletop displays regularly.

9. Make tiered Systems

Picture of a necklace hanging off a stand

Whether you prefer a jewelry box or are a traditionalist, or have a sculptural preference, a tiered storage system is a key to saving space and staying organized. You can recycle old-tiered trays or plant carts. Paint and polish them and organize your jewelry in them. You can cut pieces of velvet to use as a base.

10. Dress-Up Objects

Picture of a statue wearing necklaces

To have your favorite necklace and bracelets in the spotlight, dress your decor items with them!

From adorning your house with mannequins and statues to dressing them up with your jewelry, you can create an aesthetic ambiance while staying organized. While this might seem extra, don’t be shy to go the mile extra and spice up your home decor. Let your dressed objects add flair to your place.

11. Use Bank or Home Lockers for Ultra-Expensive Jewels

Image of lockers

Many banks give you an option to open lockers, and every piece of jewelry you give to them is safe and insured. If anything happens to your jewelry, the jewelry gets reimbursed. In this way, the jewelry you rarely wear remains protected, and you can also avoid burglary. You also have free space at your place.Figure out if the gemstone on your jewelry is semi-precious here.

You can also get homemade lockers to keep all the rarely used jewelry. This way, you can cut down commute timings and charges from the bank. They are also a good investment if you have jewelry insurance. They make it easier for you to file claims in case of theft, damage, or loss. Furthermore, these lockers also offer features that keep your jewels safe and tarnish-free. 

12. Try a Pinboard or Stand

Picture of jewelry stand

You can get a pinboard for keeping your jewelry organized. Use a corkboard and wrap it in fabric. Then, hang your personal favorites with large pinks. You can also go for hand sculptures to place your bracelets and rings on. Many people enjoy layering necklaces on a vintage dressmaker table. Hook earrings, and you may stack them up with hats.

Some people also prefer stands. Multiple pieces of jewelry stand out there in the market. Get the one that fits your needs best and has the capacity for your accessories. Make sure you also pay attention to the weight it can take. Necklace stands let you figure out what you need within seconds. You may find ones that also cater to more pieces of jewelry.

The Bottomline

There are multiple tips for keeping your jewelry organized. Instead of just using lockers, get a bit creative and give it an artsy touch!

You can use jewelry as home decor to adorn your home. You can also decide to dish it out on resin patterned slates or recycle crockery items. However, if you own expensive gemstones or diamond sets, we recommend keeping them safe in lockers or jewelry boxes. You can also dedicate a drawer for your jewelry.

Do check our guide on caring for gold jewelry! If you own silver jewelry, follow our tips to prevent tarnishing. If you are unsure about the metal of your jewelry or gemstone type, you may visit a gemologist.