Tips and Tricks to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing

Fashion is a great way to reveal your personality without having you speak. Among the most popular and appreciated fashions that men and women adopt across the globe is through jewelry. Do you also like jewelry? This must sound a silly question because who doesn’t? Or should be asked, what is your favourite jewelry metal that you like to wear for your personal adornment? If your answer lies in silver jewelry, then this article is written for you.

Basically, here we are going to discuss about silvery jewelry maintenance because that is the main issue faced by potential customers. However, before that let’s talk about some facts about silver jewelry and how it is different from sterling silver. 

Silver V/S Sterling Silver 

Silver is a pure metal just like gold and platinum, but cheaper than them. Also known as pure silver, it is a very soft metal that can be bend, scratch and tear apart easily. Therefore, it cannot be used in making jewelry until it is alloyed with other metals to enhance durability and strength. This addition of other metals with pure silver is termed as sterling silver. 

Sterling silver is basically an upgraded form of a silver, which after the process, makes silver an incredibly durable material. Because of its durability, sparkle and lightweight, sterling silver is considered as an ideal choice for making jewelry that can be worn daily or occasionally.

Why Does Silver Tarnish? 


If you love silver ornaments, then you should be aware of the fact that this metal needs high maintenance. Why? Because it can lose its color and shine, if not cared properly. Now the question is that, why does silver tarnish in the first place, and the answer is:

Silvery Jewelry Maintenance 


Sterling silver can certainly make beautiful ornaments when mixed with alloys, but to maintain its charm you have to take proper care of it. Unfortunately, regular cleaning is not something enough to keep silver jewels durable and safe. Fortunately, it is not something that can’t be done. By reaching out the following easy and handy options, you can enhance its life.

1. Give A Regular Cleaning

One of the easiest home remedies to clean your silver pieces is to keep it tidy. Every time you wear it; oil from your skin accumulates on the surface of your jewels. As a result, it can start the process of oxidization. What should be done? Use warm water to wash your jewelry items and dry them gently with a soft cloth. If you are doing it on a regular basis, then this could be very helpful in delaying the tarnishing.

2. Keep Jewelry Under Low Humidity and Heat

Whether it is high heat or high humidity level, both conditions boost the speed of silver tarnishing. In order to increase the lifespan of your silver jewelry or even silverware; you need to keep them into storage units that matches the above-mentioned requirements. 

China Cabinet can work great for the purpose as they are able to maintain a consistent temperature and also the moisture level is not high over there. 

3. Use Protective Seal Bags And Anti-tarnish Cloth For Storage

The best thing you can do to your silver jewelry is to keep it in protective bags when you are not using it. Don’t forget to clean it properly before storing, if you wore it for hours or more. You can also buy anti-tarnish cloth, wrap around your precious jewels, and place it in a seal bag! All sorted until you use it again. 

Note: It is highly suggested not to overstuff the bag with multiple jewelry items to prevent inconvenience. 

4. Keep Silver Jewelry Away For Other Metals That Cause Tarnishing 


Are you someone who keeps all your jewelry in a same container or seal bag? If yes, then you need to stop this practice right away! Some metals can react with silver polish and cause tarnishing. Well, that’s not enough. You have to wrap it in a proper bag rather newspaper or a regular wrapping sheet because the ink from them can damage the outer layer of silver. 

Plastic bags should also be avoided to prevent tarnishing as they prevent ventilation and trap moisture. Moreover, cardboard boxes don’t go well with silver jewelry either because of high moisture and less ventilation. Last but not the least, avoid putting silverware with rubber bands. Wondering why? Because they contain sulfur that can cause tarnishing. 

5. Don’t Forget To Take Out Your Silver Jewelry Every Once in a While 

You might be all relaxed after keeping your silver jewelry pieces all sealed and covered in a proper container. But wait, do you know all your precious jewelry can still tarnish if not used for a longer time? Don’t believe it? Just take out your less-used silver jewelry, compare it to the ones you use often and see yourself. You will notice the difference in their polish. 

6. DIY Silver Jewelry Cleaning 


If you are a DIY kind of person, then this next tip will definitely interest you. For this procedure, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Boil water. 
  2. Keep a tray aside and layer it with aluminium foil. 
  3. Fill the tray with one teaspoon baking soda, ½ cup of white vinegar and a tsp of salt. 
  4. Pour the boiling water on tray; bubbles will form. 
  5. At last, place your jewelry in the mixture for at least half an hour. 
  6. Wipe the jewelry gently with soft cotton towel. 
  7. Don’t leave the pieces to air dry as it can cause water stains.
  8. Once dried, wrapped it in an anti-tarnishing cloth, they are great to prevent tarnishing. 

Final Words 

Silver Jewelry is no doubt great for those who love ornaments, but can’t afford to invest in expensive metal. The only drawback is that; it would require high maintenance in order to look as great as new. Else, silver tarnishing is very common and has the power to damage the jewelry piece completely, if neglected. There are so many ways to prevent tarnishing. Hopefully, the above-mentioned ones can help you in keeping your belonging safe and ever shinning. 

The key tips are to keep silver always dry as moisture or moist environment can be damaging for the metal. You should always keep your regular-use ornaments in properly sealed bags wrapped in special tarnish-proof cloth. Don’t keep all your jewelry in one place because other metals can react with silver polish, turning it grey or black. Just a few minutes care once in a while is what you need to keep your sterling silver jewelry shinning and sparkling. It isn’t too much to ask for. Is it?