Types of Semi-Precious Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Aside from being made with diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones, some jewelry is made of semi-precious gemstones as well. This kind of jewelry is mostly worn by women as a way to easily and affordably enhance their fashion and style.  Some even believe that gemstones provide health benefits with their energy properties and other effects.  Each has its own unique look and style that can be utilized in jewelry design.  


This gemstone is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. The color of Topaz in its natural state is golden brown that is almost yellow. Some treatments can make it change into wine red, reddish-orange, pale gray, pink, and sometimes opaque and transparent. One of the popular gemstone colors for topaz is blue. Blue Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas. A naturally occurring blue topaz is rare to find and many that you see used in jewelry have been treated to produce the blue color.


This gemstone contains small quantities of nickel. It is usually apple-green, but it varies to deep green as well. Chrysoprase came from the Greek words chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and prasinon meaning ‘green’. It is composed of fine crystals that are not seen under normal magnification. The known sources of this gemstone are Queensland, Western Australia, Tanzania, Poland, Germany, Arizona, Russia, California, and Brazil. The green chrysoprase is thought by some to be a power enhancing stone. Some would say this stone attracts energy for a new love and prosperity.


This semi-precious gemstone is made from fossilized tree resin. It is famous for its natural color. Amber gemstones have been used in jewelry since the stone age which is about thirteen thousand years ago. It is believed to contain a healing power and whoever wears jewelry with this gemstone will have a sense of good health.


This gemstone is formed by alternating bands of chalcedony in light and dark shades. The most famous variety of this gemstone in jewelry is the black onyx. Onyx can be found in different regions such as Germany, Canada, China, Argentina, and various states in the US. Some says that wearing jewelry with the onyx gemstone can help release negative emotions as it is the gemstone for relaxation.


This gemstone is an opaque blue-to-green mineral. It was one of the first gems to be mined in history. It was in the 14th century when Turquoise became an important stone because the Roman Catholic Church used it in making secular jewelry. Some cultures believe Turquoise to be a holy stone and a bringer of good fortune.  


This violet gemstone is a variety of quartz which is often used in jewelry. It is the traditional birthstone for February. The ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst gemstone can prevent intoxication. It used to be considered one of the most valuable gemstones in line with the diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald, but it eventually lost its value because of extensive deposits in Brazil.


This is another variety of quartz and its most common color is green. The term Aventurine is from the Italian word a ventura meaning ‘by chance’. Most of the green aventurine gemstones originated from India but can also be found in Chile, Spain, and Russia. It is usually in the form of beads which are used in making bracelets. It is believed that wearing a jewelry with aventurine gemstones can increase optimism and confidence.

Tiger’s Eye

This gemstone is made from a metamorphic rock and its color varies from gold to red-brown. It is also a member of the quartz group. In some countries, this gemstone is believed to ward off the evil eye which is a curse from the ancient times.

These are just some of the popular types of semi-precious gemstones used in jewelry. Many have a long history and have been important in different cultures, styles and used for different purposes.