Tips for Getting Your Jewelry Engraved

Jewelry engraving is a lovely way to personalize your accessories and make them more remarkable. Whether it is a promise, engagement, or wedding ring, gift for your loved ones, or a treat to yourself, engraving is a thing one can love and regret in an instant. It is all about if you get it right or wrong. You may think of it as a tattoo for jewelry. Thus, make sure you give it ample consideration before going through. Meanwhile, if you want to know the updated list of the best real money online pokies in Australia, visit

Here are some tips for getting your jewelry engraved like a pro! But before that, let us check what jewelry engraving is!

What is Jewelry Engraving?

Picture of a jewelry pocket watch with engraved impressions in a dark light setting

Jewelry engraving revolves around making impressions and design prints on accessories using different tools and techniques. Its roots date back to the first centuries BC in Egypt and Rome, where people carved gemstones called cameos. These carvings signified wealth and were the cameos of ancient leaders.

Ring engraving, in particular, became a thing from the 15th to 17th century in England and France. It got inspiration from posy rings that were famous from the latter half of the Middle Ages. These impressions carried secret messages of devotion, friendship, and passion. As religion was also an essential part of life, many rings had religious texts and saint figures.

In the modern-day world, jewelry engraving, on rings, in particular, gives them a sentimental value. You can also visit to know the best online casinos for NZ players.

 Tips for Getting Your Jewelry Engraved

Image of two silver rings on a book

1. Choose the right jewelry piece

Picture of multiple jewelry items

If you have decided to engrave your jewelry, select a suitable piece from your accessories. Make sure it is wide enough to fit your text. The material should be compatible with the engraving type you choose.

Unaware of how to figure this out? Worry not! Just select a reputable engraving provider and take the items you would potentially want to engrave. People usually get their rings engraved. 

2. Pick One of The Engraving Types

Picture of an engraved ring with flowers and a pink background

While this may seem like a technical concern that your jeweler should deal with, you should be choosing the engraving style as each determines limits. You achieve different precision, symbols, and fonts. However, you can ask your service provider about it. They would help you choose.

Generally, jewelry engraving has three techniques; hand engraving, machine engraving, and laser engraving.

  • Hand Engraving: As the name indicates, this type is about chiseling the metal away with sharp cutting tools. Hand engraving is a spectacular form of art, and only a skilled artisan can do it. If anything goes wrong, the entire piece may become useless. Hand engraving does not have an exact or uniform result. However, there’s a unique artistic charm to it. It depicts the freedom of imagination where there are no fonts or templates to follow. It is also deeper and stays for longer. Unfortunately, it is expensive. It is also less common against the other two.
  • Machine (Rotary) Engraving: Machine engraving, also called mechanical engraving, makes use of drills and rotary cutting tools. It is for metals including gold, sterling silver, steel, and copper. Here’s how you can identify the metals of your jewelry if you are unsure. The method also requires less human perfection and can make inscriptions using templates. However, it has a con. You cannot use this method for heat-sensitive metals. The friction created during the drilling can damage delicate accessory items like glass, gemstones, and plastic.
  • Laser Engraving: Laser engraving uses a highly focused laser beam to engrave with heat. It vaporizes the materials it touches, leaving you a custom text. It is the most precise, fast, and efficient one we have. You can also go for a wide array of fonts, styles, and symbols. People use this method for engraving on metals, stones, leather, and wood. For deeper impressions, you may repeat the process. Know that on soft metals, the laser engraving will dim out with time. However, harder metals like tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel, will last for a lifetime.

3. Do a Cost Analysis!

Image of USD dollars

Generally, jewelry engraving is not that expensive. The total breakdown depends on the length of your message and the engraving type you use. As the cost also varies from region to region, we would recommend contacting your potential service providers for this. 

4. Choose the Right Message

Image of two rings with codes for scanning and a watch

Keep your engravings clear, short, and concise. Many engraving service providers put a character limit to force your thoughts into focus for a brief text. After all, is not brevity the soul of wit?

When getting your jewelry engraved, keep the surface area in mind when deciding on a text. You do not want to overpower the item. Furthermore, do not have clashes with personalized messages on your jewelry.

For the message itself, do not rush the decision. Pick wisely, as it is a one-time deal. Go with what inspires you or attracts you more than what would seem better. Generally, pick a text that would make you or the receiver smile when one reads. You may quote dates as a reference to memory. A very advanced thing these days is to engrave QR codes into specialized song playlists and even letters.

5. Know the Difference Between Etching and Engraving

Image of an iPhone beside rose-gold earrings

In etching, the laser melts the surface of the metal, whereas the metal vaporizes in another. Laser etchings are also less durable than engravings as they are less steep. They are suitable for surfaces with low wear and tear ratio. It does not include your rings, though!

Furthermore, etchings are generally on glass and crystal. It requires a strong acid.

6. What is the Best Font?

Image of different font letters on a wooden table

Go with the one that is easy to read and neat. The last thing you would want is to order engraved jewelry so that no one can make anything out of the message on it. 

7. Check your Jewelry Insurance Clauses

Image of three gold-colored bangles with flowers on a simple background

If your jewelry to be engraved is insured, try that your policy covers it here for damage. If things go wrong, you do not want to lose your precious accessory. Some policy providers mention engraving clauses and let you file claims for them. We also recommend going with reputable service providers to prevent any problems.

The Bottomline

Engraved jewelry is a beautiful way of adding a sentimental touch to your ornamental possessions. From special dates to sentences and messages of love, devotion, passion, and friendship: one can have so much engraved on their jewelry items. However, as it affects your item permanently, give it thorough consideration. You do not want to ruin your personal favorites.

Make sure you pick the correct jewelry item, decide the perfect message and font, and know the costs associated. We also recommend talking around. Read reviews of the engraving service providers you’ve chosen. Do not take risks and only go to reputable places.

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