Tips for Choosing a Necklace or a Pendant

There might have been a lot of times when you want to dress up a boring outfit with a pretty necklace, but you were unsure of what type to wear. If you need fashion advice regarding necklaces and pendants, then you’re at the right place.

These are some helpful tips when choosing the perfect necklace or pendant to wear:

1. Consider the occasion

Always factor in the occasion when choosing a necklace to wear. You don’t want to look like a gypsy when going to a job interview. For fancy affairs, choose a necklace that’s not too gaudy or not too loud. A large pendant on a thick chain will not fit a little black dress when you’re up for a fancy gathering. Costume necklaces also do not go well with fancy clothes as it cheapens the outfit.

Choose something understated for casual occasions, funerals, and workwear, because you don’t have to stand out during these occasions. When in doubt, a simple necklace with a thin chain and a small charm or gem as a pendant will do.

Using your good judgment is an important thing to consider when you make a purchase. Just because it looks nice or catches the eyes doesn’t mean the necklace will be appropriate for any setting.

2. Check if it complements your outfit

When matching a necklace to your clothes, you don’t want something that will clash because of its totally different color. When choosing a pendant or a chain, try to keep it close or suitable to the color of your clothing. However, you can mix colors if they are a secondary color.

3. Take into consideration the other jewelry you wear

If you’re going to wear a pair of earrings with the necklace, you want to either match or complement each other. Matching sets are good, but it’s better to mix and match jewelry today, so as not to look like a jewelry model. And when they are of the same shape, it can be overwhelming. Think about paring your heart-shaped pendant necklace with round or square stud earrings to balance each other out and not be all-consuming in the same shape.

You may also mix and match metals. Gone are the times when you must wear gold earrings if you wear a gold necklace. The color of gemstones may also be mixed and matched, but not too much to avoid clashing and over decoration. For instance, you may pair an emerald pendant necklace with some sparkly diamond earrings. If you’re going to pick another color of gemstone for your other jewelry, make sure it has a single color, rather than two-toned or multi-colored.

4. Frame your face shape

When choosing a necklace to buy, think about your face shape. The right length of the necklace you pick must complement the shape of your face.

  • Rectangular/heart-shaped face – If your face is a rectangular or heart-shaped face, opt for a shorter necklace to soften the jawline.
  • Round face – Round-faced people must wear a longer necklace that can help elongate the face.
  • Oval face – If you have an oval face, any length of the necklace can work well, but it still depends on your body type and shirt’s cut.

5. Check your shirt’s cut

Considering the neckline of your blouses and tops must be considered when choosing a necklace to complement it. Your choice of necklace must follow the line of the blouse or go just a little below. Here’s a guide in choosing the best necklace type for every kind of neckline:

  • Turtleneck – Long chains or pendants
  • Crew neck – Bib or collar necklace
  • V-neck – V-shaped pendants
  • Collar – Choker or short pendants
  • Boat neck – Long beads
  • Scoop neckline – Shorter pendants with volume
  • Strapless – Choker
  • Square neckline – Angular pendants
  • Off-shoulder – Asymmetric
  • Cowl neck – Short pendants or choker
  • Sweetheart – Short pendant necklace or curved beads
  • Halter neck – Slim pendants

6. Consider your body type, neck size, and bust size=

Another factor to consider when purchasing necklaces is body type and neck size. For women, the dress size or size of the bust can help determine how a necklace will sit against the body. Women with larger busts must avoid necklaces longer than 24” because they won’t sit comfortably. Meanwhile, women with smaller bust can look great with longer, layered necklaces.

The size of the neck must be put into consideration, too. If you have a thicker neck, avoid chokers because it makes the neckline look shorter. People with thin, long necks can be helped with a choker as it can bring proportion to the neckline and face.

The body shape must also be considered

  • Pear-shaped – Since pear-shaped bodies have smaller tops and wide bottoms, the necklaces that work well are shorter ones that help broaden the shoulders. Opt for necklaces that sit just above the bust to draw attention to the upper body.
  • Hourglass-shaped – For women with an hourglass shape, a necklace that sits just right on the décolletage will help accentuate the curves.
  • Athletic shape – Those with athletic shape can look great with any length of the necklace, but longer necklaces help elongate their body more.
  • Inverted triangle – With broader shoulders, longer-length necklaces can help bring the eye down to the waist to highlight the smallest part of the body.

7. Consider your height

The height is another thing to consider

  • Tall – Usually, women who are over 5’7” can wear any necklace length, but longer necklaces work really well because their torso is long. When looking for shorter necklaces, go for one that can suit your face shape.
  • Short – Women with a shorter frame of 5’4” and below, longer necklaces can help elongate the frame, but don’t choose one that hangs too low. When opting for shorter necklaces, go for ones with 16” to 18” length.
  • Regular height – Those that have a height between 5’4” to 5’7” can wear any length of the necklace they want, but make sure to consider face shape, body type, and the neckline of outfit to pair it with.