Tips for Keeping Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Holiday season is just around the corner, and a lot of you might have already booked your traveling tickets either for a much-deserved vacation or to visit a family member. While preparing for a trip, the last thing you would like to be worried about is losing your valuables, especially expensive jewelry items. Is it?

Carrying exorbitant jewelry along and the fear of losing it can give you constant anxiety throughout the trip. This way, you won’t be able to enjoy and relax. The good news is that; with proper planning it is possible to keep your things safe and sound. 

Here, we will reveal some useful tips and tricks to prevent any inconvenience or mishap on the go. Have a look!

Important Point to Consider While Traveling With Expensive Jewelry

According to a recent study by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, out of 80 percent women traveling with jewelry, 25 percent became the victim of theft. Fret not! The below mentioned tips will definitely help you prevent any foreseeable circumstances.

1. List Down The Things You Would Need

First things first, you need to ask yourself a few questions: where are you going? Are you planning to visit someone and will stay indoors mostly? You are leaving for vacations to explore another city? Heading out for a destination wedding? Or for work purpose? Moreover, what is your mode of traveling? Are you flying on the jet? Or is it a road trip? Where are you staying? At a hotel? Booked apartment? At a relative? Be clear with all the questions without further ado.

The next step is; to make a list of things that you can carry along depending on your type of trip. For example: if it is indoors, you can keep your dresses with some delicate jewelry pieces with no issue at all. However, if you are on vacations then it is suggested to choose only a few casual ornaments and leave the valuable behind. 

While traveling for work, some decent ear studs, necklaces and rings will do. However, in case of a destination wedding; jewelry is a must! So, make a list accordingly.

2. Storing Jewelry Safely That is Left Behind


Once you are done packing, now it’s the time to safely place your left-behind jewelry somewhere enclosed. Just because you are leaving it home doesn’t mean it is 100 perfect secure.

Find the safest place in your house, ideally a locker with code. Else, another option is to rent a safety deposit box for storage. 

In short, your jewelry box shouldn’t be stored where you would mostly do or where you think the thieves can reach first, the most obvious places.

3. Can you wear Engagement Ring on Vacations?

Engagement rings are precious, regardless of their price and worth; you would never want to lose them. Would you? Mostly people carry it all the time, but the concern is; can you flaunt it on your vacations as well?

There are actually two alternative ways of wearing engagement ring while traveling without any fear of losing it: 

  • An imitation of engagement ring with cubic zirconia, which will look equally beautiful.
  • A silicon ring that is the safest option.

Yes, you read it right. It is wise to opt for a fake engagement ring rather losing the dear one. You can take both kind of rings with you: silicon ring for risky or messy activities, while fake zirconia rings can work for a date night!

4. Tips on Leaving Jewelry at a Hotel

If you think it is safe to leave jewelry in the hotel room when you are out and about, then it’s high time to rethink! An expensive jewelry piece away from your sight is simply begging to get stolen. In fact, studies showed that a majority of theft takes place due to dishonest hotel staff or sometimes the management is involved too. Here are a few tips that can help you in this scenario:

  • Ask the hotel management for a room with safe-storage facility while checking-in. 
  • If they don’t have in-room safe, then you can avail security-box at the hotel reception.
  • If both the options are not available; it is suggested to take your valuables with you rather leaving them behind unattended.

Remember that the cleaning staff of a hotel can unlock your room effortlessly even when you are not around. 

5. Tips for Packing Jewelry for Traveling


Losing Jewelry is not all about getting stolen, you can also lose out in case of damage as it won’t be of any use to you.

While packing for traveling, ensure that your jewelry is packed well. Luckily, you can find a lot of organizers to store even the smallest pieces, like pouches, jewelry rolls, travel cases, etc. It is ideal to get the one with hard case (not press-able or soft) to prevent inconvenience.

6. Can You Store Jewelry In a Hand Carry?

Hint: the answer is yes! 

Once you have placed the pieces in an organizer, the next step is to decide where to keep the box? If you are not wearing your valuable jewelry through the airport, then it is ideal to place it in your carry-on because that will be in your sight throughout.

Don’t pack your expensive ornaments in checked luggage because a lot of risk is involved in it.

7. Can You Pass Through The Airport Security While Wearing Jewelry?

Yes, yes, yes! TSA not only allows but always encourages the passenger to keep their jewelry on for safety purposes. A lot of jewelry items can pass through the machine without setting off the alarm, however if it does; an officer can check it in your presence.

In case, you want to take off your accessories for whatever reason; keep it in your carry-on bag rather in a bowl or bin, during security check. 

8. Alert Officials, if Required.


If you feel like notifying your insurance company about flying with jewelry, do so! (Of course, this is only applicable if it is included in the policy clauses.)

Moreover, keep in mind that you must report to the customs officers during international trips if the goods you are carrying are worth $10,000 or more.

9. Make Sure Your Jewelry is Insured.

Does your jewelry insurance cover international traveling? Or does your travel insurance include jewelry? Ensure that you are aware of limitations and are covered for one of the common causes of loss.

10. Conceal, don’t reveal.

Flaunting an exorbitant jewelry piece or engagement ring in front of friends or family is way different from showing it off to strangers. In public places or amidst unknown people; it is a good idea to hide the valuables. In addition to this, don’t showcase your ornaments on social media either because it is an easy medium to access and target.

Things To Do In Case of Lost Jewelry

You should also know the things to do in case your expensive jewelry items are nowhere to be found (god forbid). It is surely devastating, but practically it’s great to be prepared for the darker side as well. 

  • Almost all type of expensive jewelry is sold with certificates or documents of ownership. Don’t forget to keep the papers with you. In case of theft, you can file a police report with the proof of ownership.
  • As soon as you suspect theft; notify the security of the particular area immediately, whether it happened at the hotel/resort, cruise ship or at the airport. 
  • File a police report at the local station, if the security officials couldn’t help.
  • Inform the insurance company about your loss.

Bottom Line

Exorbitant jewelry is more than a piece of accessory used for adornment. Have you ever bought gold studs with you savings? Or do you own a solitaire engagement ring? Are those only dear to you because of their monetary worth? Or their sentimental value? Whatever the reason is, losing a precious belonging while traveling can be devastating. However, by following the above-mentioned simple steps, you can certainly save your valuables for good.

It is suggested to prefer artificial accessories on the go, make sure to get the insurance policy for your expensive jewelry to get a refund, not to keep your belongings out of sight and always store them in lockers. I hope the tips will help you enjoy a safe trip without worrying about any loss.