Most Popular Groomsmen Gifts

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Wedding

If you’re looking for the ideal and practical gift for your groomsmen, you have come to the right place. Below is a useful list of the most popular gifts for groomsmen, so you can find the best present for everyone on your list. Whether your groomsmen are into golfing, grilling, or just … Read more

Caring for a Platinum Ring that Becomes Dull

Engagement rings background

Platinum is a beautiful and durable metal that is often used in jewelry. When it is first purchased, it may be shiny and dazzling. However, over time a platinum ring becomes dull and lackluster. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as exposure to chemicals or pollutants in the … Read more

Why Does Platinum Scratch So Easily?

Platinum Ingot Pile

When it comes to scratches, platinum is one of the most accessible materials to scratch. In fact, it only takes a fingernail to create a noticeable mark on platinum. So why is this metal so easily scratched? We’ll take a closer look at what makes platinum so scratchable and find out some … Read more

What Type of Necklace Is Best for Sensitive Skin?

Woman wearing a mockup montage necklace with empty for add your advertising.

If you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find jewelry that doesn’t cause a reaction. Gold and silver are among the most popular types of metal used in jewelry, but they can often cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best type of … Read more

Comparing Rhinestone and Diamond

An image of a diamond

Are you considering adding some bling to your wardrobe but don’t know whether to choose rhinestones or diamonds? Both gems have their own unique qualities, which can make it difficult to decide. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast rhinestones and diamonds so that you can make an informed decision … Read more

Benefits of Wearing Gemstones That Might Surprise You


If you thought that the belief in superstitious powers of gems is long forgotten like every other myth, you are probably mistaken. Though there isn’t any scientific evidence yet, the benefits of gemstones are widely recognized and acknowledged in the modern era too.  You can come across an extensive range of gems … Read more

What Does a Gemologist Do?

A big red diamond among small silver diamonds

Collectors, admirers, and investors are always on the lookout for the exquisite gems and stones out there for their alluring beauty and monetary value. These people always need professionals who have the scientific-analytical expertise to identify gems, find their properties and characteristics, appropriate treatment for them, and the right setting for the … Read more

Ideas for Having Custom Jewelry Made for a Bridesmaid

Ideas for Having Custom Jewelry Made for a Bridesmaid

As a bride, there are hundreds of things to deal with at a time. Whether, it’s a wedding dress, its perfect fitting, matching shoes, accessories, menu, venue, honeymoon itinerary, reception seating chart and the list is endless! In addition to this, if you are planning to have a bridal party, then more … Read more

Top Reasons to Visit a Gemologist

Top Reasons to Visit a Gemologist

Those who are interested in jewelry would surely love to read above gemstones and their experts, gemologists. Are you one of them? Scroll through and learn some interesting facts about gemology! Before jumping straight to the main topic, you should know what basically gemology is, its background and how visiting a gemologist … Read more

Three Legendary Horses In The Racing Hall Of Fame

Lebron James Aventador

Every now and again there is a horse that comes along that captures the imagination of racing fans around the world. These horses are often the ones that go on to win the most illustrious races of the season, such a signature wins in the Triple Crown races or the Breeders’ Cup. … Read more