The Most Famous Rings Ever Worn

Celebrities have the power to make anything famous, either it’s about introducing a new fashion trend or a bling ring.

Admit it or not, while choosing an engagement or wedding band; everyone looks up to famous rings ever worn in order to get inspiration and ideas. The specialty about those rings is that, the more you read about them; your perception of ‘expensive’ is updated. For instance, a ring worth $150,000 is less likely to appeal the audience in front of the one with the price tag of $8.8 million. 

However, the fact is that the marriage token of the popular figures is always absurdly beautiful and large, hence pricey. We have compiled a list of the most famous rings ever worn by some boldface names. Have a look and get inspired!

Hint: all the mentioned rings are insanely beautiful and there is no way anyone wouldn’t stop and stare. Brace yourself!

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth made it to the top of the list because of her immense love for jewelry. She even wrote a book named My Love Affair With Jewelry to express her fondness. The most prominent and talked-about accessory that she owned is Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. It is a D-color 33.19 carat near-flawless Asscher cut solitaire, and is known as the Krupp Diamond originally. 

Richard Burton presented her the diamond back in 1968 and she worn it continually throughout her life. In 2011, the auction of Elizabeth Taylor Collection took place at Christie’s, and her diamond was sold out for whopping $8.8 million. It was a record price of $265,679 per carat for a colorless diamond. Probably, its worth is even more today. 

Although the ring was not an engagement band, but the actress always wore it on her ring finger. Her engagement gift from Richard was an emerald pendant.

2. Elizabeth Taylor

Yes, you read it right! Elizabeth Taylor made it to the list again and this time for her engagement ring! She also owned a 29.41-carat beautiful emerald cut diamond ring and Elizabeth named it my ice skating rink. She had it before the big solitaire.

In her book My Love Affair With Jewelry, she shared an interesting event about the ring where she visited a Russian museum and the guide admired her ring by telling her that it should be kept in the museum. However, Elizabeth disagreed and told him that if anyone liked her ring; she can let her try it on which is not possible otherwise. Moreover, the actress stated that more people will be able to see and touch the precious stone closely which is certainly better than keeping it in the museum within the glass cabin. Certainly, the explanation was quite logical!

Elizabeth continued wearing this unique ring until she got the other one (Krupp Diamond), and sold the previous. Do you know the worth of Taylor’s big diamond according to its quality, provenance and size is not less than $6 million today? 

3. Mariah Carey

The next famous ring was worn by Mariah Carey. It was her engagement band, given by a billionaire James Packer on 21 January 2016. The 35-carat platinum and diamond ring was almost two carats more than the Diamond of Elizabeth Taylor and worth $6-8 million. However, it is assumed that the quality of Taylor’s ring was better than Mariah’s because of D-color, large gem and flawless finish. 

Mariah Carey’s another engagement ring also belongs to the list. It was a 10-carat pink solitaire surrounded by white and pink diamonds from Nick Cannon. Its total weight was around 17 carats.

4. Melania Trump

Melania Trump

Donald Trump presented a ‘hugeee’ diamond to his third wife Melania as a marriage token. It was a 12-carat emerald cut flawless solitaire from Graff. It is said that the ring was worth $2-3 million at the time of purchase, which is an exaggeration probably.

5. Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s wedding band was special not just because of the flawless diamond cut but its designer as well: Lorraine Schwartz! She might not be a new name for many of you as the lady is popular on the red carpet for all the right reasons! Lorraine created the gorgeous 18-carat emerald cut ring with split shank for Queen B! The ring is worth $5 million.

6. Kim Kardashian

Another Lorraine Schwartz’s design here! The first ring Kim Kardashian owned was presented by Kris Humphries, a popular basketball player. It was a 20-carat ring created by Lorraine worth $2 million. However, the couple could only make it till 72 days of their marriage, and the wedding band was sold for $749,000 at Christie’s. Although it was less than the purchase price, but more than estimated auction price which was $500,000. 

Kardashian started a fresh start of her love life with Kenya West. She trusted the same jeweler for this time too. Her second engagement ring was a 15-carat cushion-cut D-Flawless Type 2A solitaire. Although it was smaller in comparison, but the quality was better than the previous one. 

7. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The next one is the most expensive celebrity ring of all the time, and it belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy. In 1968, the engagement ring was given by the billionaire Aristotle Onassis. It was a 40.42-carat marquis-cut flawless diamond that is also called Lesotho III diamond as it was a large gem cut from the popular 601-carat rough Lesotho diamond. Aristotle bought it from Harry Winston.

In 1996, Jacqueline sold it at a famous estate auction for $2.6 million, which is certainly quite less for such a beauty, but higher than the estimated price of $5-600,000. The ring was bought by the chief and chairman executive of H.J. Heinz Co., J.F. O’Reilly. However, his first lady didn’t wear the ring much because of its big size.

8. Paris Hilton

Paris Latsis proposed to Paris Hilton with a 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring worth $4.7 million. Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t make it and broke up after a few months. Paris Hilton kept the ring to herself and later auctioned it for $2 million in order to help Hurricane Katrina victims. 

9. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Here is another small yet gorgeous ring to mesmerize you which is owned by Jennifer Lopez! It was an engagement ring by Ben Affleck, weighing 6.1-carat pink Harry Winston diamond. However, Jennifer preferred the 8.5 carat blue diamond engagement ring from Mark Anthony and gave the pink ring back to Ben. The ring was worth $1.2-$2.5 million.

10. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

The elegant, the inspiring Kate Middleton is here to show off her wedding band of great significance. Wondering what’s so special about it? Well, the Duchess of Cambridge is fortune to receive Princess Diana’s one of the most treasured heirlooms, her iconic ring. 

Prince Charles gave the huge 12-carat sapphire ring to his first lady with one huge stone surrounded by 14 solitaires in 1981. At that time, the ring was worth $47,000, but now its price is over $500,000.

11. Angelina Jolie

The Hollywood queen Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is known as one of the most pricey celebrity jewelry designs ever! The handsome Brad Pitt customized this emerald cut sparkling ring with diamonds surrounding a huge central stone. Its worth is around $1,600,000. 

Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together!

12. Jennifer Aniston

Besides Jolie’s ring; Brad Pitt also designed a ring for Jennifer Aniston with the help of Silva Damiani. 

However, Aniston found a new man and a brand-new much-improved ring came along. The 8-carat radiant-cut diamond was bought by Justin Theroux for around $500,000.  

13. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s ring was special because it had a hidden secret: TS (Taylor loves Stefani) was inscribed inside it. The six carat wedding band was beautifully crafted with a heart-shape massive diamond worth over $600,000. Taylor Kinney and Stefani (Lady gaga) got engaged in Manhattan on the Valentine’s day.

Unfortunately, the couple called off their wedding and Stefani returned the ring. Soon after, she started seeing Christian Carino. In October 2018, their relationship was announced publicly at Elle’s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration when Lady gaga calls Christian her fiancé. The couple chose an oval-shaped halo ring to celebrate their togetherness.

Are Famous Ring Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

A women’s love for jewelry is endless, especially when it comes to the engagement ring; it has to be special and unique. Besides sentimental value, the huge price tag also adds to its significance. The above-mentioned famous rings from famous names are not only pricey, but their beauty is worth the hype. Even those who can’t afford them, will still look for the bling rings to praise and admire. 

Which one of the mentioned ring has impressed you the most?