What are Huggie Earrings?

The term Huggies is derived from “hug,” as these earrings are meant to hug your ears. Huggies are a style of earrings that follow the pattern of the earlobes and hug the ears closely. They are also known as huggers and are generally worn in pierced ears. The best quality of this earring is that it does not require an earring back to close; instead, a hinge is located at the bottom of the earring, locking the other end in place.

If you are not familiar with this style of earrings, we have got you covered with this article. Keep on reading to know more about why they are the newest trendsetting jewelry item.

Why Are Huggie Earrings Popular?

Hoop earrings have been super cool for a long time. But considering that most of them use an earring back, it can be difficult to wear. We don’t know who came up with the idea of Huggies, but whoever brilliantly thought of putting a hinge at the bottom of the earring has completely revolutionized the wear and comfort of hoops.

When people found out about Huggies, the thrill of wearing the same styled hoop earrings without the discomfort was ecstatic. As soon as newer styles of Huggies were invented, they quickly rose to popularity and have remained a snazzy, modern-day favorite accessory.

What Makes Huggie Earring Unique?

What Makes Huggie Earring Unique.

The closing mechanism of a huggie earring is that the front loop of the earring is locked to the back loop, using the hinge. The earring is closed shut, followed by a clicking sound. The idea of a Huggie earring is unique because the earring closes onto itself and holds both the parts together; no backs or stoppers are needed.

We are used to this piece of jewelry nowadays, but thinking about the building style of this earring, it is surely a classic. Moreover, having no earring backs means that you don’t have to worry about losing your earring. As a huggie fits nicely and tightly around the ear, without being too tough on it, you can wear it with zero worries.

Huggie Earrings Have a Seamless Style

Huggie earrings are generally thick hoop styled earrings, but now they can be found in various shapes and sizes, from small to large and even heart or rectangle shapes. Regular hoops usually have a visible back or stopper; even with hinges, it is very much visible around the earlobe. In most cases, this does not look very clean and sophisticated. This happens with small hoops as well, and it, in turn, affects the beauty of the look.

Huggies go right against the earlobe, and no hinge or backs are visible in them. It gives a pretty and seamless appearance to your overall look. This is due to the hinge being present at the bottom; a seamless connection is seen in the earring.

Huggie Earrings are not so Basic Anymore

Huggie Earrings are not so Basic Anymore

Due to the easy and comfortable wear, Huggies grew high in demand by the general public. Many jewelers took this opportunity to play with new and creative designs for Huggie earrings. The closing hinge mechanism was added in a lot of other styles of earrings.

Another reason why Huggies are popular is that these earrings are not expensive. They greatly vary in costs depending on the material they are made of, such as the addition of gemstones or karats and metals like gold, silver, or platinum.

The Benefits of Huggie Earrings

Style matters a lot, but so does comfort. Huggie earrings are proof that comfort and style can go hand in hand. The main benefits of Huggies are as follows.

The main benefit of huggie earrings is that it is super comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin. It is often that we are poked by the back of our non-hinged earrings. Post back earrings are very dangerous, as even the slightest bit of pressure from them can poke your neck and cause you to bleed. But with Huggies, they won’t do that.

This can happen even while talking on the phone, but when you lean your head on the phone wearing Huggies, it won’t hurt. Huggies are the type of earrings you can snugly sleep in, not that you should sleep wearing earrings, but we all do it anyways. We still recommend taking your Huggies off before bed. All in all, they are the epitome of comfort wear.

The biggest use of Huggies that people with long and fine hair can relate to is your hair always gets stuck in your earring backs. Huggie earrings avoid knotting of the hair because they do not use an ear back. It does not tangle in the hair because of the absence of space and open areas. This means no more hair-pulling when you are wearing Huggies.

On top of everything, they go perfectly with any outfit due to the plethora of styles available. You can get them custom made according to your budget, and they can be your perfect accessory for both formal weddings and casual night-outs.

How to Fix Huggie Earrings?

Huggies are fairly durable, but even then, they can break or get misaligned with the hinge. You can tell that your Huggies need fixing when they are not closing properly. This can happen due to closing the Huggie earring using excess force or dropping them from a tall height. Huggies should make a clicking sound when closed and should not reopen spontaneously. If you face problems with this, try readjusting the earring.

Fortunately, if not broken completely, Huggies can be adjusted easily at home. You just need some pliers and a steady hand. Take your earring and observe if the hinge is connecting with the back at the right point. The ball of the earring should be locked when it comes in contact with the earring. If the back is too low or too high, use your pliers to fix that.

Pliers might leave a mark on your earrings, so it is better to put a piece of cloth on them beforehand. Hold the Huggies firmly in between your fingers and grasp the back with the pliers. Depending on the adjustment and where the hinge is, slowly and gently move the pliers up or down. Once adjusted, close the earring to see if it works.

It might take two to three tries to get it perfect. The adjustment process can be repeated several times, but if you are unsure, get it fixed from a jeweler as the back can snap off with a lot of movement.

Are Huggie Earrings worth the Hype?

Huggie earrings are all the rage these days, and we can’t blame it. They have a wide range of styles to choose from and provide epic comfort above anything else. The benefits of wearing these are just numerous. Due to the amazing qualities, most people of all ages will prefer Huggies’ seamless style over other earrings. If you have not yet tried Huggies, we recommend investing in a nice pair for everyday use.