Preventing Platinum from Scratching

Platinum is considered one of the best metals for making jewelry. Mostly, it is used for making men’s jewelry items such as platinum rings. However, just like many other metals, it can be scratched as well. But if you use it carefully and follow certain tips, we assure you that the platinum jewelry will last longer and you will not have scratches anytime soon. 

About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is definitely one of the most exclusive metals used to design jewelry. It has a whole different level of grace and elegance which even gold jewelry does not offer. The reason why platinum is considered a preferred jewelry material is that it has the tendency to resist tarnishing. Jewelry made by platinum is quite strong which is why it is preferred while setting for diamond and other strong jewels as well. 

Even if platinum is over-exposed to water or air, there will be no impact on the quality and the metal will retain its original shape and design. The reason why jewelers insist on getting platinum jewelry is that it is resistant to corrosion that makes it highly durable and long-lasting. You would be able to feel the new platinum for a long time even after using it. In addition to that, platinum jewelry is hypoallergenic so people who have sensitive skin or allergies related to wearing metal can also wear it without any discomfort. 

However, there are certain downsides to platinum jewelry that should be assessed before making your decision. The first drawback of platinum jewelry is that it is quite expensive. This is mainly because it is rare and considered quite an exclusive metal in the market. Further, platinum is not as appreciated and demanded as gold. This is one reason why many people would not want platinum. In case you don’t take care of platinum jewelry properly, there can be scratches which would not look good. However, with certain techniques, you can prevent platinum from scratching.

Follow the tips to ensure the platinum ring does not scratch.

Why Platinum Scratches?

The most important reason why platinum would scratch is mishandling. There are some people who are able to use the same ring for years without any major damage while others are not able to have their ring last for a while. Since it is an everyday wear item, you should be caring for it every day as well.  

Platinum also gets scratched when it comes into contact with a metal that is stronger than it. For example, if platinum comes into contact with diamond or any other strong metal, it might get scratched. Therefore, avoiding having platinum in rough contact with any other metal will give it heavy wear and tear over time. For those that wear other types of gemstones along with platinum, they would have to be extra careful about not getting it scratched. 

In general, platinum scratches over time because having it completely safe from different kinds of damage is not realistically possible. Eventually, after years of usage, it will be scratched due to the constant contact against different things some of which may be harder than it which could leave scratch marks. But don’t worry, there are a few ways in which you can ensure a long life of platinum jewelry while saving it from scratches. 

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Platinum scratches for several reasons.

How to Prevent Platinum from Scratching?

Don’t Wear in Dominant Hand

One of the best tips for not letting your platinum ring scratch is to not wear it in the dominant hand. This is because you would be doing most of the work with the dominant hand which increases the chances of damage. Take the example of a kitchen or bathroom sink. Most of the sink hardware is made out of strong metal. If you are using your dominant hand with a ring in the sink, there are high chances that the ring might collide with the metal which will scratch it. 

Instead, if you wear it, on the other hand, there would be limited usage and ultimately lower chances of scratching platinum. Most people have the right hand as the dominant one so wearing the ring in the left one would be perfectly fine. In other cases, people have the left hand as the dominant one which means that the ring can be worn in the right hand too.

Always wear jewelry in a non-dominant hand.

Remove Jewelry Before Intense Work

Many people have a misconception that platinum jewelry cannot be scratched easily. Frankly speaking, this just depends on the amount of work you are doing. For example, if you are simply moving some crockery from one place to another, it will not damage your jewelry. However, if you are involved in some sort of intense work such as moving furniture and other heavier items, there is a chance that your platinum jewelry gets scratched from the heavyweight. 

Therefore, people should take off all their jewelry before performing intense work to ensure that it lasts long. In addition to that, many people go to the gym on a daily basis. The gym equipment is also a reason why platinum can scratch. Hence, keep the platinum jewelry at home before going out for your workout session.  

Keep it Separate

When you mix different types of jewelry together, the chances of damage increase to a great extent. Many people use a single jewelry box or bag to have all their ornaments stored in it. Experts recommend that you store all the jewelry in different boxes or bags. Not only will this help in reduced scratches, but it will also assist in properly organizing your jewelry. 

The best way to do this is by getting a single jewelry box that has multiple compartments. This way, you will be saving yourself a good amount of money which could have been spent on multiple boxes. It will also allow you to store all your jewelry in a confined space. Those that don’t have much jewelry would not be requiring large jewelry boxes. You can store a single piece in its original packing or keep it in a small box as well. 

Keep gold jewelry separate from platinum jewelry. 

Take it to the Expert

If you are just using the jewelry and not servicing it after every few months, you would be having more scratches on it. Don’t believe it? Try doing an experiment. Take two items of platinum jewelry and get one of them serviced after every few months while leaving the other one as it is. Eventually, you will find out that the ring which was not serviced is no longer having the grace and may have a few scratches too even if taken care of properly. 

On the other hand, the ring that you did get polished after a while would be way better and will have its elegance too. There will be no scratches. The reason behind this is that a jeweler uses certain techniques including polishing which makes the jewelry have no scratches at all. When you take it to the expert, he will guide you regarding the processes that he uses as well as preventive tips to make sure that your jewelry does not scratch easily again. The jeweler will also provide you a time frame by which you should come again and get the ornament serviced/polished. 

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A jeweler can help in refurbishing and polishing your platinum jewelry to remove scratches. 


There are various ways to ensure that platinum lasts for long and does not scratch easily. Keep in mind that it is not only platinum that scratches but eventually all metals may damage over time. The best you can do is to prevent them from any kind of damage through the tips mentioned above. We hope your platinum jewelry lasts long without any damage.