Guide to Buying Wedding Cake Toppers

There are lots of wedding elements which symbolize stories about the couple. It could be the theme, the souvenirs, or maybe the wedding cake which stands as the centerpiece of a wedding reception. Aside from the cake’s design and flavor, another thing that gives it meaning and story is the cake topper. More than giving the cake beauty, it is also used as a fabulous way of showcasing your style and aid in branding your wedding.

Cake toppers are small models that sit on top of wedding cakes. Traditionally, it represents the couple in their formal wedding attire. But today, there are varieties of wedding cake toppers to choose from such as flowers, cute figurines, classic and elegant figurines, and geeky ones as well.

Sometimes, choosing the cake topper is more difficult than selecting the cake itself, because it is something that would represent your relationship as a couple. So, if you’re looking for a cake topper that would perfectly match your wedding cake and theme. You can also check out the best online casino at

Here are some tips which may help you.

Complement your wedding theme:

wedding cake topper

When you choose a wedding cake topper, it should be a piece that will complement your wedding theme, and more importantly the wedding cake itself. The safest wedding cake topper you can choose is a vintage one with the bride and groom figurines. You may also choose ones with your names on it. But if you’re planning to use other styles of cake toppers, make sure that it will match the color scheme of the cake, and your reception as well.

Choose the style you both want:

Since the cake topper is something that will represent you as a couple, it’s important to choose one that suits both of your style and personality. You can pick one that best symbolizes how you are as a couple, or one that may tell a story about how you met, or it can also depict your favorite movie characters and superheroes. For example, if you both love to travel, you can include some figurines like an airplane, a suitcase, or maybe a globe. You can even ask your master baker to personalize one for you. Here are some styles which may give you ideas.

  • Flowers – Since flowers symbolizes a wedding as well, it’s also great to have a floral cake topper. Meanwhile, visit so you will also know the best South African online casino.
  • Monogram – If you’re looking for a simpler cake topper, a monogram style might work for you. It usually consists of the couple’s initials. It also gives the cake an elegant look.
  • Funny Toppers – If your relationship has a lot of funny moments, or if your friends know you both as a funny couple, then a humorous cake topper is perfect for you.
  • Animals – Aside from the bride and groom figurines, having an animal cake topper has also been used traditionally. This includes lovebirds, doves, rabbits, butterflies, etc.
  • Wordy Toppers – Some cake toppers today use words and phrases such as love, I do, always and forever, and many more.

It shouldn’t overdo the cake:

It shouldn’t overdo the cake

If the wedding cake you’ve chosen has a lot of details and decorations, then the cake topper you should pick is something that wouldn’t overdo it. Maybe you can just choose a simple spray of fresh flowers on top of the cake, or a simple silhouette cake topper will do.

Be careful with its size:

When selecting a cake topper, you should also consider its size, because big cake toppers are usually heavy. Since it will sit on top of the cake, it should be proportional to the top tier. Just make sure that the cake can carry its weight and it does not fall off the cake. If the cake topper you’ve chosen is heavy, you can secure it with a false cake top. It is usually made of plastic or cardboard covered with icing. It can help support the cake topper, preventing it to fall.

Keep it as a souvenir:

It is also great if you could choose a cake topper that you can keep after the event. Maybe something you can display at home, to remember your special moment. If you want to keep the cake topper as a souvenir, then choose one with a base. Some cake toppers come with a base built to it. If the topper you’ll pick doesn’t have one, you can also purchase a base for it or DIY yourself one.

There are lots of wedding cake toppers to choose from. If you’re on a budget, or you don’t want to bother having a personalized cake topper, you can find ready-made ones with beautiful designs in cake shops, and online as well.  Whatever style you choose, keep in mind that it is something that will reflect the love you have for each other.