Introduction to Italian Charms

Charm bracelets are jewelry pieces which carry personal charms and pendants. These charms usually signify important things or have a specific meaning about the wearer’s life. Wearing a charm bracelet has been a trend especially for women. These bracelets are very fashionable, and they can reflect the wearer’s personality or mood, as well. Others even collect different kinds of charms. There are many varieties of charm bracelets on the market and one of them is the Italian charm bracelet.

Italian charm bracelets are made up of stainless steel and rectangular shaped
modular links. Each of the rectangular pieces is adorned with an Italian face or design
which are snapped together by a stretchy band to create a single bracelet. One Italian
charm bracelet is usually composed of eighteen charm links. These charms look chic and
fun, and some of them tell a story or supports a cause.


Back in the Middle Ages, Christian fighters wore these kinds of charms on their belts
to ward off evil as well as to display their aristocratic standing. During the Renaissance,
charm bracelets’ popularity receded among the well-off classes. However, in the twentieth
century, English Queen Elizabeth contributed to the restoration of charm bracelets, not
as something with talismanic value, but as a fashion accessory instead.

Italian charm bracelets originated in Europe and were later popularized in the United
States. In the 1980’s, European soccer players wore bracelets with the emblem of their
national flags designed on them. When the soccer fans became interested in these jewelry
pieces, the European jewelry giant Nomination decided to launch their first ever line of
modular charm bracelets. These charm bracelets became one of the most worn jewelry
pieces in Italy and other parts of Europe. When it caught the attention of American
vacationers in the Mediterranean, they carried the style across the Atlantic.

In the 1990’s, Italian charm bracelets turned into must-have accessories to jewelry
collectors as well as consumers of all ages. It even became a fashion craze in America
which is still popular today because of their flexibility to change and update them over time and
reflect the personality of the wearer.

Italian charms

Similarities and Differences with Pandora Charms

Pandora charms are one of the most popular brands of charms in the United States
and Italian charms are like them. Pandora bracelets and Italian bracelets are both
personalized with different charm collections such as special events, career milestones, hobbies and many more. Both bracelets can be worn at different events, or depending on your
personality and how you feel. However, they differ in the charm’s style and design.
Pandora’s charm styles are dangles, spacers, and clips which fit into either a bangle
bracelet or a snake chain bracelet. Italian charm designs, on the other hand, are engraved on
modular links using lasers, photos, or are hand-painted.

A starter Pandora bracelet is a single bangle or snake chain bracelet while a starter
Italian charm bracelet consists of as many as eighteen blank links. To personalize it, the
blank lines will be replaced with the Italian charms you desire. These charms are soldered flat
onto the surface of the link. The charm link bases are made of stainless steel, however, the
charm faces bonded on them are usually made of 18k gold or sometimes just gold-plated.
Its modular design makes room for interchangeable charms.

Another similarity between Italian charm bracelets and Pandora charm bracelets is that its charms can be interchanged. Links can be popped on and off from its stretchy band which allows you to add charms to empty slots or inserts charms in between to complement your ensemble.

Brands and Price

Italian charms come in different brands, but they are compatible to one another as
they have a standard sizing. This allows consumers to collect charms from different brands
and assemble them together to create a single bracelet.

The price of Italian charms varies from very high to inexpensive ones. The most
expensive Italian charms are made of gold and are designed with gemstones. Some of the
most expensive ones are from Louis Vuitton and Nomination. Prices range from $15 to $100 each.

Even though some of the Italian charms are quite expensive, many still love to buy
and collect them. It is fun to collect different Italian charms because you can create a story
out of them. Italian charm bracelets are also wonderful gifts which you can give your friends,
family, and special someone.