How to Handle Those Wedding Day Jitters

Weddings are one of the most wonderful events that people can experience. Committing to someone is one of the biggest decisions people make and it certainly changes our lives. However, us humans have evolved to have a strong fear of change, even those good changes like marriage, that’s why some of us experience jitters on or even before the wedding day.

Wedding Day Jitters

In the morning of your wedding day, it’s normal for things to get a bit messy. No matter how long and how much effort you gave for your special day, wedding mornings are just usually crazy. Those crazy things that can happen on the morning of the wedding can certainly make any bride worried and stressed. But even though there’s nothing to stress about, and no matter how relaxed you are, the closer you get to the big event, jitters will arise.

It’s normal to feel nervous on your wedding day, but you shouldn’t let those jitters ruin your special moment. Here are some of the ways on how you could keep your mood light, enjoy the moment, and handle those wedding day jitters.

Talk to Your Partner

Always keep in mind that your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner’s love and togetherness. Therefore, whenever you have some concerns or if you’re feeling uneasy, make sure that you let your partner know about it. Most of the time, brides are the ones who organizes things about the wedding, but both the bride and groom should work together like a team. This will help you easily overcome prickly situations from the planning stage up to the actual wedding day.

Even if you’re busy with all the preparation, find time to talk to each other not just about your wedding, but also about all the good and wonderful things that brought you together. Communicating this way will help you both calm your nerves and be excited on the new journey you’ll be experiencing after your wedding.

Reach Out to Your Team

You and your groom or bride aren’t the only people responsible in making your wedding special. Remember that you have your family and friends who are excited about your big day and are willing to give you a hand every step of the way. You could keep a circle of those family and friends who can stand as your support group throughout the wedding.

They can help you will all the preparations such as contacting your organizers and sending out invitations. You can also talk to them about how you are feeling, whether you’re nervous or anxious about your upcoming wedding. They will be there for you not just in good times, but as well as in the emotional-side of your life.

Distribute Entertaining Duties

There are a lot of social interactions when it comes to wedding ceremonies, and these can surely leave you and your groom or bride exhausted. To prevent that from happening, you could distribute the entertaining duties to your support group. Create a strategy with them on how you could all entertain your guests. For example, during or in the time between the ceremony and reception, you can ask someone from the entourage to entertain your guests. This will help you recharge your social batteries for a bit.

Eat Something

There will surely be a lot of preparations in the morning of your wedding day, but this should not be an excuse for you to not eat anything. Preparing for a wedding is like preparing for a marathon, therefore, you can’t go on with it on a completely empty stomach. Before you go on all the preparations, make sure that you get something to eat. You can ask some of your friends or family to get you some foods or snacks. Getting some food in your stomach will help you become more energized on your wedding day.

Listen to Music

If you’re feeling a bit uneasy or anxious a few hours before the ceremony, try to listen to some music. Play your favorite songs, your theme song if you have one, or something that will set your mood. Music is something that can help you calm your nerves on the day of your wedding.

Reassure Yourself That Unexpected Things Will Be Okay

Everyone who plans a wedding put so much pressure on themselves just to make the event perfect. It’s a normal thing if you spend the night before your wedding worried about unlikely things that may happen. But you also need to reassure yourself that things will still turn out okay even when unexpected things will arise on your wedding day. Remind yourself ahead of time that you can deal with all of it and move forward.

Embrace Your Emotions

The most important thing you should remember, for you to handle those wedding day jitters, is that emotions are natural. People normally feel random emotions especially on big, life-changing events like weddings. But you do not have to suppress all the emotions you’re feeling because it’s your wedding, and it’s all about you. Express everything that you’re feeling. You can cry if you feel overwhelmed, and you can laugh out loud once the fun part of the ceremony starts.

Weddings are certainly one of those big events that can make people feel very emotional. But no matter how nervous you are, always keep in mind that it is your special day and no wedding day jitters can ruin it.