Options for Creating a Wedding Website

Weddings are one of the most challenging life events to plan for. There are lots of details to manage and so many things to remember. And it’s even more difficult if the couple have their own jobs to attend to. But today, soon-to-be-married couples no longer have to worry about keeping every detail of their wedding in one place because they can now create wedding websites or also called “wedsites”.

Wedding websites will allow couples to tell their guests everything they need to know about the upcoming wedding, as well as to track RSVPs, and many more. If you are getting married soon and you want to put up your wedding websites, here are some options you might want to consider.

Your Website’s Design

If you have planned your wedding’s theme or motif, you can use the same style when designing your wedding website. Make the most out of the effort you put into planning your wedding. Also, in this way, your guests will be reminded of your wedding’s theme every time they visit your website.

About the Couple

First of all, it’s important to provide in your website your story. This will help your guests know some details about you especially those who don’t know you well. You can include the story about how you met, the proposal, and more. It’s better if you can talk about your love story from your own perspectives. You can also make it a little fun by giving out trivia such as who’s better in cooking, or list some of your favorites. However, don’t make it a novel. Just hit the highlights of your story and keep it short and sweet.

Your Wedding Details

Another important thing your wedding website should contain are the complete details about your wedding as well as your wedding invitation. Here are the other things that you might want to include:

  • location of your wedding: It’s better to place your venue information front and center so your guest can easily see it. You can also add a map with driving direction on your website.
  • dress code: Though this is included in your invitation, it’s better to remind your guests about it in your wedding website as well to give emphasis about the clothes they should wear in your wedding.
  • all the important times: If you’ve planned other events before your wedding date that everyone’s invited to, make you to also include those dates in your website. This will help your guests prepare and it will be a reminder for them as well.
  • travel information: This will be helpful if you have guests coming in from out of town. Give them tips about travel as well as the accommodations near your venue. Include information about the nearest airport, phone numbers, and booking codes for local hotels.
  • local activities: You can also include in your website some local activities recommendations for your guests. Since they will have free hours to spend while you’re preparing for the wedding ceremony, give them ideas on some activities they can do near the venue while waiting.

Wedding Registry

The wedding registry information is often included in an extra slip in the wedding invitations. But today, you no longer have to bother printing out those extra slips because you can simply place the link of your wedding registry in your wedding website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having an FAQ section in your website will help your guests know more details about your wedding. Here are some examples of questions you might want to consider:

  • Can I bring a plus one?
  • Can I bring my children in your wedding?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • Where is the venue located and how do I get there?


Aside from giving out details to your guests, you can also use your wedding website in keeping track of the headcount, who is or isn’t coming, as well as who hasn’t responded yet. This is a great alternative to the traditional snail-mail reply. This is not mandatory, but it will still be helpful for you.

Add a Guestbook

Having a guestbook in wedding website has become popular in the present time. Through an online guestbook, you can ask your guests to leave some simple messages for you, or maybe share some of their unforgettable moments with you. You can also ask them for suggestions about where you should spend your honeymoon. It will be fun reading their entries in your guestbook.

Provide Updates

You can also use your wedding website to quickly give updates to your guests. Or if you enjoy documenting your wedding planning as well as your engagement experience, you can also share them in your website in the format of a blog or emails. You can also include photos if you want.

Share Photos

After your wedding, you can also use your wedding website to share photos to your guests. Since your wedding album will only be given to you, why not share them online by posting them in your website. Your guests would certainly love to see those photos. It will also be great for those who didn’t make it to the wedding because they’ll be able to see how the event turned out.

Wedding Website Builders

Building a website requires a lot of skills and if you’re worried about the technical side of creating your own wedding website, you don’t have to worry because today, there are a lot of wedding website builders available online which you can use to easily create your own website. Here are some of those website builders.

  • Appy Couple: This is a wedding app which you could use in your smartphones. It also creates web version. You can input in this app all the information needed on your wedding. It also offers lots of themes to choose from.
  • Joy: This is a very useful wedding website builder because it will let you manage your guest lists, send paperless invitations, share details about your event, and many more.
  • Riley and Grey: This wedding website builder is perfect for luxury weddings. This can be one of the most expensive option for a website builder but it also offers the most modern and glamorous templates and features.
  • Say I Do: This wedding website builder will help you in the planning process of your wedding. They offer highly customizable website designs and easy to use features such as guest lists and RSVP management.
  • Cordially: This wedding website builder offers lots of web designs from minimal to funky ones. It can also help you in collecting RSVPs efficiently.

Wedding websites are indeed helpful for couples who are getting married soon because it saves them time in letting each of their guests know about their wedding details. With just one click, they’ll be able to give out the wedding details to their guests. We hope this will help you in creating your own wedding website, and as well as in planning your wedding.