Are Promise Rings Still Given?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are the most popular types of relationship rings, symbolizing love without end. In fact, the tradition of wearing these rings can be traced thousands of years ago when ancient Egyptians gave their brides rings that symbolized immortal love. Later on, Roman men gave rings to women as a sign of ownership. This means that wedding rings and engagement rings have been around for centuries, but how about promise rings? 

Have you ever heard about promise rings? What are they for, and are they still given today? If you are also curious about promise rings, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to find out what it is, its origins, and if it is still given in the present time. 

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a piece of jewelry that someone wears to symbolize a promise they have made. It can be a promise of love, friendship, or even a promise to oneself of chastity or sobriety. But most of the time a promise ring is given from one person to another in a romantic relationship. It signifies fidelity and commitment, and most of the time, precedes an engagement. In general, a promise ring symbolizes one partner’s devotion to the relationship, and accepting it does so for the other person. 

Promise rings are typically made of cheaper metal compared to engagement rings. They are elegant but more affordable. Some examples are sterling silver and yellow gold rings. This way, a promise ring will not be confused with an engagement ring. Aside from that, you can also save money toward the next step of your relationship.

For some people, promise rings might seem unnecessary. They think that they are going to get engaged anyway, so why bother giving one? But for some, it is a symbol of commitment and devotion. They think of promise rings as a token of love. It is also a sign that you are exclusively dating. 

The Origin of Promise Rings

Some people might think that the idea of giving a promise ring is invented by the young people of today. But did you know that its origin dates pretty far back? Well, promise rings are not as old as wedding rings and engagement rings, but they have been around as early as 1576. 

In the 16th century in England, there was one type of promise ring that was called a posy ring. They were named as such because these rings were engraved with lines from romantic poems. Some examples of the lines were “let us share in the joy and care” and “united hearts death only parts”. 

After two centuries later, during the Victorian and Gregorian eras, acrostic rings became famous. They are rings that featured gemstones that were arranged to spell out words secretly. For example, when lapis, oval, verdelite, and emerald were put together on a ring, it spells the word “love”. Also, during that time, when the couple was not financially ready to buy a home or start a family, their intentions of marriage were displayed through a promise ring. 

Are Promise Rings Still Given and How?

Yes, promise rings are still given by lots of couples today to each other. However, many people might downplay the significance of promise rings because they are not as grand as engagement and wedding rings. But promise rings should not be given lightly. They should also be taken seriously by genuinely committed couples. There’s actually no definite promise ring etiquette, but here are some that you might want to follow:

  • Promise rings are ideal if you still don’t have the budget for an engagement ring.
  • Giving a promise ring is also great if you want to show your significant other how serious you are about being with them and where your relationship is going.
  • Promise rings can also be given neither of you are not yet ready to be engaged or married.
  • Remember that when you invest in a promise ring, you also need to be prepared to make a bigger commitment and look for ways to express it outwardly.

Some might also be wondering about the appropriate time when it comes to giving a promise ring. Actually, there is no right or wrong time. A lot of couple exchange promise rings when they are still too young for marriage. It means that if you feel that you want to make a lifelong commitment to your partner, but you’re not thinking about getting married yet, a promise ring is a beautiful way to express your feelings and devotion. 

It doesn’t matter whether you give a promise ring after your first few dates or after two years. You just need to be clear about your intentions when you do. Just be honest with what the ring symbolizes when you give it to your loved one. 

The Best Ways to Wear a Promise Ring

Promise rings come in many unique designs and styles, and the way to wear a promise ring is actually a personal choice.  If your promise ring is a pre-engagement ring, you can wear it on the ring finger of your left hand. Then, you can just replace it with the actual engagement ring when the time comes. If you do not want your promise ring to be confused with an engagement ring, then you can instead wear it on the middle finger of your left hand, or on the ring finger of your right hand. 

If you are looking for a promise ring to give your significant other, here are some of the best ones we found that you might like:

Promise rings are indeed still given today. You can give them any time to signify any promise or commitment. They can also be worn on any finger, and they can definitely come in any design. Its true value depends on your own personal meaning when you give it or when you wear it.