Learn about the Gemstone Jasper and its use in Jewelry


Jasper is one of the chalcedony varieties  of (cryptocrystalline quartz). It can typically be any hue, including brown, red, grey, orange, and the uncommon color, blue. It is a kind of silica known as cryptocrystalline. Jasper is a smooth-surfaced stone that splits easily and is used as jewelry or a gemstone. Vases, seals, and snuff boxes are among the products made of it that can be highly polished. 

Given that its name has antecedents in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek, and Latin, it is evident that jasper was a popular gem in ancient times. Jasper was carved into seals on Minoan Crete around 1800 BC, as shown by discoveries at the palace of Knossos.

Because it is frequently compared to emerald, the jasper of antiquity was frequently plainly green in color. Mineral, ash, or sediment inclusions within the crystal’s structure are what result in the speckles. Finding a stone with a polished exterior and a speckled pattern beneath is a stronger chance for identifying it.

Jasper was thought to be highly charged with enigmatic and perhaps contradicting qualities in many ancient civilizations. Those who wear this are safe from accidents like drowning. Also, may be safe from ghosts according to the legends. 

Where is it mined? 

Despite being widespread in the world, jasper is most frequently found in South and North America, Madagascar, Egypt, India, Russia, and Russia. The most popular types can be found in the different states like Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona Idaho and California. The majority of specimens are from Australia or India. 


Jasper is frequently used in the making of jewelries. Due to their variety of colors, distinctive patterns, and low price, jasper stones make wonderful additions to your jewelry collection. It is one of the most used stones when it comes to jewelry production. Jasper is also the birthstone of those persons who were born in the month of March. It can also be used for making vases, seals and other things that can be highly polished.

Beads made of jasper are frequently used in bracelets and necklaces. They can also work wonders as the focal point of earrings and rings. Your best option if you’re looking for Jasper gemstone jewelry is usually an artisan stores or nearby handcrafted business that offers a wide selection and affordable prices.

 On the other hand, Jasper gemstone is popular for its spiritual uses. People frequently wear particular types of jasper according on what they are experiencing at the time in their life. Its purifying effect gets rid of bad energy and makes the aura stable.

 Jasper can be worn or carried to reduce stress and promote calmness. It is referred regarded as the “supreme nurturer,” and it is believed to aid in achieving a tranquil condition. Jasper can help you in managing your stress and enabling you to switch out your anger into compassion and understanding.

In all endeavors, Jasper instills perseverance and a spirit of determination. It promotes self-honesty when dealing with issues and aids in identifying and overcoming doubts, worries, and guilt. Its earth energies help one understand and put up with these trying or painful events while gradually restoring strength and vigor. You will have the courage to face your challenges and solve your problems thanks to the energies of this stone. 

The anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties of jasper stone are also claimed to increase circulation and strengthen your immune system. It is primarily recognized for its benefits to the digestive and sexual functions. It helps with smoking and also with alcohol. Over time, it helps release the emotional impulses that keep the behavior going while also removing damaging chemicals from the body.  

Types of Jasper 

  • Yellow Jasper – Yellow jasper was utilized in times of drought to save the harvests in ancient and medieval periods and was referred as the “rain bringer.” It has been a favorite of poets, writers, and major intellectuals for ages and is renowned for promoting mental clarity. 
  • Green Jasper – Because it stands for harmony and balance, green jasper is also referred to among gem enthusiasts as the “peace love crystal.” Anybody suffering from significant levels of anxiety should use green jasper. Your mental stability and equilibrium are restored, both of which have a favorable impact on your mental health.
  • Red Jasper – The earth is strongly associated with red jasper. It is a very stabilizing stone that represents strength and endurance on both an emotional and a physical level. 
  • Blue Jasper – It encourages you and gives your convictions more strength. This will help you gain confidence with yourself. 
  • Ocean Jasper – Ocean jasper brings peace and serenity to the one whose wearing it. It also gives the person a calmness and makes him/her optimistic. The stone is multicolored and typically has spherical patterns. 
  • Brecciated Jasper – One of the jasper stones with the most striking appearance. Brecciated jasper is used to bring jumbled ideas into focus and to make sense of a confusing circumstance. 
  • Picasso Jasper – The clarity of one’s ideas and their interpretations can be attained with the use of this superb meditation stone. Also recognized for reigniting the flame between lovers and friends.
  • Dalmatian Jasper – It is a well-known stone with a Dalmatian dog-like appearance. According to legend, the Dalmatian Jasper makes you happier and encourages you to let go of negativity.


Jasper Earrings
Vintage red agate earrings on white background

The stone jasper is among the least expensive. Few shattered stones above a few centimeters in length cost more than $5. Depending on the type, jasper’s price per carat ranges from $1 to $5. Also, the price of a Jasper stone is determined by its rarity, hues, and patterns. Orange-and-black bumblebee jasper is the most expensive variety. 

There is a jasper variety for every taste and preference. Consider the various jasper varieties and pick the one that best reflects your personality. This ensures that your purchase of this gemstone will be worthwhile because it will serve its purpose for you, especially since you have chosen the one that will best suit you. 

It is well known that jasper gemstone benefits humans in a variety of ways, as evidenced by the jewelry, vases, and other items that may be manufactured from it. Just keep in mind the details you should consider before making a purchase.