Learn about the Gemstone Rose Quartz and its use in Jewelry


Rose quartz is one of the most popular and known crystals. It is a pink kind of quartz. It is also referred to as hyaline quartz. It is translucent, transparent, and lustrous, and it is a light shade of pink. Rose quartz symbolizes compassion and love. 

The Greek word “hyalos,” which means glass, is where the name rose quartz originated. Rose quartz is mostly made of silicon dioxide molecules, which normally develop at temperatures between 752°F and 1,292°F (400°C and 700°C). 

Rose quartz has been used for many years, possibly from prehistoric times. From 7000 B.C. onward, it was a significant component of Assyrian arts and crafts. The meaning of rose quartz stone was beauty to the Romans and Egyptians. As an anti-aging ingredient, it was utilized in making cosmetic products like face masks. 

Where is it mined? 

The first people to really recognize rose quartz’s beauty were the Mesopotamian Assyrians. All around the world, rose quartz can be found in pegmatite deposits. Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, and the United States all conduct commercial mining of it.

 In Madagascar and South Dakota, star rose quartz can also be found. Aquamarine, a blue-green beryl commonly found in pegmatite environments, has formed around a long and intensely colored rose quartz crystal from Ambatondrazaka in southern Madagascar. 

It is known that the rarest variety of rose quartz can be found in Brazil. One of the most well-known and valuable clusters of rose quartz is called “La Madona Rosa,” it was discovered in Brazil in the 1950s. It is made of a deep pink rose quartz center encircled by a smokey quartz crystal. 

Rose quartz in Jewelry

Rose quartz earrings

Rose quartz can be used in a variety of ways by people. Wearing rose quartz is one easy way to include it into your life. Keep your crystals nearby by wearing rose quartz earrings or a ring. Being worn close to the heart and heart chakra makes rose quartz highly powerful. 

Rose quartz has a hardness of 7, making it an excellent material for any type of jewelry use. It can be worn in necklaces, bracelets, and bangles to brighten your day. Rose quartzes can form stunning and inexpensive engagement ring stones because of their good durability and romantic connections due to their color. 

Quartz is easier to find than diamonds. In actuality, this mineral is the second most widely distributed on the planet. It is offered in a variety of colors, and various kinds of the stone go by various names. The fact that they are frequently utilized to create statement jewelry is not surprising. 

Other Usage 

Rose quartz is considered to be a powerful healing crystal. Many people think that rose quartz increases the qualities of love. Known as the “Heart Stone,” it is a significant gem that fosters friendship, maintains family bonds, and attracts new love.

Rose quartz promotes healing on all levels—emotional, physical, and spiritual. You can use them in rituals, wearing them in your body such as rings, necklace or other jewelries, using them as a decoration inside your house, placing them under your pillow and using them also in your beauty routine. 

Rose quartz is sometimes advised for use during meditation. Place the rose quartz crystal next to you while meditation. Additionally, you can hold it in your hand or against your chest. According to Birch, rose quartz’s high vibration during meditation is beneficial to both the planet and the user. It helps you access that sense of bliss, self-love, and tranquility.”

Facts about Rose Quartz 

  • The main characteristic of rose quartz is that it is a lucky charm stone. With the aid of this stone, creative thoughts will never stop pouring.
  • Rose quartz was regarded as extremely strong in many prehistoric cultures. A powerful symbol of possession that is also believed to delay aging.
  • The stone is regarded as the perfect wedding anniversary present for 5-year wedding gift.
  • It comes in massive sizes. We can see displays in stores usually selling them for decorative purposes. 
  • The stone is strong, although it does require periodic recharging. Moonlight is perfect for recharging the lovely stone, and running water helps to clean it.
  • Asterism is visible in some specimens. When the light strikes a stone properly, an optical phenomenon known as asterism causes the stone to appear to exhibit a star.
  • Major mythological importance. 
  • It is the birthstone for those who were born in the month of January along with garnet as well. 
  • Rose quartz is the stone of Taurus people. 
  • It is associated with the planet Venus. 


With an average price of $100 per carat for high quality stones, rose quartz is one of the priciest varieties of quartz. The price per carat for rare rose quartz with outstanding value and clarity can reach $1,000 or more. 

Wrapping it up

The crystal rose quartz is regarded as a healer and the stone of unwavering love. It radiates powerful vibrations of love, which are said to help relational and emotional healing, inspire compassion, and heighten emotions of calm and tranquility.  It’s also a great gem for fun everyday jewelry and fun.