The style of ring in Thailand

There are many fashionable rings in Thailand and many styles to choose from. Rings come in different alloys, and some rings are more popular than others. Usually, the engagement and wedding rings are those that dominate the market, with plenty of them to choose from. However, there are also rings made of strong materials like titanium, palladium, or platinum. These are heavier and last very long. Platinum, palladium, and titanium rings are usually more popular for men, while women go for diamond and gemstone rings. Gemstones like ruby, topaz, emerald, and sapphire remain one of the most popular rings for women.  In addition to those, white gold rings and rings with attractive pearls are also very popular and trendy in Thailand.

Types Of Popular Rings In Thailand

Classic court rings are certainly the most popular to wear for weddings. Round and smooth finish, comfortable to wear, quality rings that have a simple yet great design. Their width is about three millimeters, which makes them look very nice on men`s and women`s fingers.

Silver flat rings are also popular and often worn by men. That is because they are just a little bit bigger and chunkier in comparison to women`s ring styles. Made of silver, they have a classy look and affordable prices. The ring wall is very thick and strong, so these rings are very durable and unaffected by any outside factors. Other things that make this ring special are the crisp edges and nice, straight lines.

Rings with a halo design are another interesting style of rings. They have a perfectly round profile, and they can be either gold, white gold, or silver. Relatively small in size, with narrow gauges, these rings are a very good choice for women. You can find them in two or three-millimeter widths, they are also very lightweight, and can be stacked together. They look very nice in addition to an engagement ring because their size and shape can complement the looks of bigger rings.

Besides these, the easy fit designs are also very popular in Thailand. These are comfortable, easy to wear, and combine different elements. They are a great choice for those that work manual jobs, using their hands often. Nice inner profile and durable materials make this ring a good choice for daily wearing.

Which Rings To Choose

Choosing the best ring to wear largely depends on personal style and preferences. There are a lot of designs out there and these were just a few of the most popular in Thailand. You can explore a little and find numerous great designs to pick from. Depending on the occasion, you can find some pretty attractive rings at affordable prices. The best way to know which one is best for you is by exploring and trying a few rings. That way you can see how they feel on your hand and whether they look nice as you expect it. Browse around, check these rings mentioned here, and find the best ring for you to wear.