Guide to Wearing Vintage Jewelry for a Unique Style

Vintage jewelry is getting trendy again as a whimsical way to accessorize. The term “vintage” is used to describe older pieces of jewelry. For a piece of fine jewelry to be considered vintage, it has to be at least 20 years old and older, while anything around 100 years old or older is called “antique.”

Many think that vintage jewelry pieces are reserved for grandma’s wardrobe, but some are now wondering how they can get on board with this retro craze. Old things can be beautiful and appealing and can offer timeless elegance that newer pieces cannot achieve. Meanwhile, you can find the most reputable Luxury Slots here. 

Where can you find vintage jewelry?

Go to your typical jewelry stores, and it would be hard to find a piece of jewelry that’s totally vintage. You can find some vintage-style jewelry (newly created pieces that mimic the vintage style), but authentic vintage cannot usually be bought in your common stores and shops.

You can find vintage jewelry from heirlooms, or from your mother and grandmother’s jewelry box. You can also find this jewelry from the flea market. The pieces may look tarnished and old, but this can be fixed with jewelry care routines. Metals like silver and gold can be plated to make it look shiny again while retaining its vintage beauty and charm.

Besides those, you can find vintage jewelry from auctions. You can also check UK vintage jewellery for sale in antique shops. You can find a beautiful range of vintage jewelry at fair prices, and you can be sure that they are viewed as authentic by jewelry professionals and experts.

If you want to wear vintage jewelry to stand out, here are some tips to keep it tasteful and stylish:

1. Pair vintage jewelry with plain colored outfits.

Vintage jewelry can be pretty ornate and attention-grabbing, so don’t wear them all at once and avoid wearing it with busy clothing. Vintage jewelry thrives in simplicity. Plain-colored outfits, especially in neutral tones of white, black, gray, and brown, are easy to dress up with whatever accessory or jewelry you would like to put on. You can add a vintage touch to your plain greige maxi dress using vintage earrings and cocktail rings, then you can keep it relevant by pairing it with metallic silver sandals. You can pair mythological-inspired earrings and a tribal print bag with an all-black outfit and gladiator sandals. The vintage jewelry can be all you need to show off the classiness of your outfit.

2. Mix it with clothes from the same decade.

A safe way to accessorize using vintage jewelry is by pairing it with clothes that offer styles from the same decade. Wearing it with lace maxi dress, retro floral dress, high-neck blouse, tiered skirts, slip dress, Victorian dress or puffy-sleeved tops are some vintage pieces that may complete your desired look. Just make sure that you unleash your style and avoid overdoing it by going for an outfit that looks out of place. Prefer clothing and jewelry that will blend perfectly into a specific era, but can still stand you out as a lady.

3. Keep it cool by wearing with modern outfits and with your simple, everyday look.

Wearing same-era clothing may mean going overboard for you. So if you’re aiming for a balanced style, you can incorporate vintage pieces to your everyday look and modern outfits. You can wear a bustier top and a pencil skirt of the same color, then accessorize it with a statement vintage choker. You can wear a white button-down shirt and pleated skirt plus a vintage cuff bracelet. You can add a vintage brooch to your wrap dress for added style and security. There are no rules to this – use your personal style and make it work with your usual outfits.

4. Mix vintage accessories with modern jewelry.

If you’re a fan of layering accessories, you can try mixing your vintage jewelry with modern ones. For instance, you can put different kinds of styled bangles in one wrist. You can wear vintage rings with your spiked bracelets. You can wear a vintage choker and modernize it with your hip and chic necklaces for a girl’s night out. Mixing the two styles can create a fashion forward style.

5. Wear a brooch.

A brooch is a classic piece of accessory and it’s the most versatile item anyone can have. Traditionally, it is used to hold pieces of clothing together, but it can also be used to accessorize any piece of clothing and get away with looking stylish and sophisticated. Insert a vintage brooch to your scarf, dress, blouse, jackets, sweaters or hats. This piece can add a unique touch to your outfit – because not anyone owns a brooch.

6. Layer necklaces.

Layering your vintage and modern necklaces can make a chic and fashionable look that is super stylish and eye-catching. To create a personal look, you can combine different types of necklaces, like wearing chokers plus pendant necklaces. Just make sure your necklaces have different lengths for the layering to be visible. It is best to mix necklaces with unique scales and textures but a common ton. Layer different kinds of gold necklaces with other gold necklaces, or go for silver pieces and put them together.

These kind of ensembles are best to wear with a little black dress, crisp white shirt, solid-color blouses and solid-color tank tops. And if you do layer your necklaces, keep everything else (your rings, bracelets or earrings) simple, or forego them all together. If you should wear a pair of earrings with your layered necklaces, pick a simple stud and that’s it.

7. Layer bracelets.

If you don’t want to bother your neck with layers but you love arm candy, you can layer with your bracelets. Combine vintage and modern, smooth and chain links, or colors and textures to create interest. But to keep your wrist from looking like a trinket jungle, you need to have some kind of common element so that everything works together. You can mix different bracelets, such as a vintage chain, twist, spikes, smooth bangles, but you can keep them all in gold or silver tone.

8. Combine vintage rings and new rings.

Don’t be afraid to wear new and old rings to create a fashionable chaos look. A handful is enough to create a right statement look. You can add a vintage diamond ring for a hint of sparkle and dash of elegance, you can wear it with modern rings with colored stones to add character.