Introduction to Pandora Jewelry

Pandora jewelry is famous for their unique and beautiful charms and beads. If you’re into unique and creative beads, you’ll surely love Pandora. Their stylish and colorful trinkets are a popular trend with jewelry collectors, fashion minded women, and creatives everywhere.

Pandora Charms

For those who are just getting in to the Pandora charm line, the selection can be overwhelming. It’s because there are hundreds of charms to choose from of various types, along with lots of accessories which you can get as well.

The beautiful beads and charms are made of different materials such as precious metals, Murano glass, wood, and colorful gemstones. Here are some of the terms used in Pandora stores as well as online when choosing beads and charms.

  • Clips: These are the pieces that help space out the charms and hold them in their own section for symmetry. They are commonly used in Pandora bracelets. It also keeps the bracelet from stretching because it evens out the weight of the charms.
  • Spacers: These are commonly used to fill in empty spaces on your bracelet where there is not enough room to put a full sized charm. These help avoid awkward gaps. There are two kinds of spacer, one with the same width of a normal charm and the other one is thicker.
  • Safety Chains: These are chains attached to the ends of the bracelet which help hold the bracelet on when you take it off your wrist avoiding it to fall on the floor. There are also two kinds of safety chains, one type is the one you twist on to the bracelet threads and the other one is the clip-on type.
  • Dangle Charms: There are a lot of dangling charms that Pandora offers. Some of them have gemstones, and some are two-tone ones with silver and gold dangle. There are also dangle charms with pearls, cameos, and more.
  • Murano beads: These are Italian made glass beads which have variety of colors and designs. If you’re into colored-themed bracelets, then Murano beads are the best for you. But if you decide to put more than three Murano beads, you should get a bracelet that is one size up so it would not be too tight as these beads are bigger.
  • Clasp Types: Pandora offers two types of clasp, the barrel clasp and the lobster clasp. They come in sterling silver, oxidized silver, and two-tone with gold. The barrel clasp is easier to put on especially when you’re putting on the jewelry by yourself.
  • Retired Charms: Pandora has been around for almost 30 years therefore; they’ve made lots of different charm designs. To make room for new designs, they retire some of their previous charms. These retired charms will be returned to their corporate headquarters. This is why it’s unpredictable if you’ll still be able to purchase the charm you want if it has been retired.
  • Country Exclusive Charms: Pandora also have charms which are only available in certain countries mostly in Europe. Some of these are the Family Ties charms which are only available in UK, the Blue Primrose Path which is only available in Germany, and the Royal Wedding Charm which is only available in UK and Australia.

The Pandora style of bracelet has inspired a lot of other manufacturers to design their own Pandora-inspired charms and beads and they all fit with Pandora items as well. Although the Pandora charms and beads are the main reason why the jewelry line is popular, there are really four main types of jewelry that they make.


Pandora charm bracelets are the most popular and their best selling products. Since they offer interchangeable beads, this makes it easy for girls and women of all ages to mix and match them and design their own creations. You can create new looks for your bracelet depending on your outfit or your mood of the day.


When it comes to necklaces, you can purchase a pre-made necklace. But Pandora’s charm and bead system will also allow you to customize your own. You can easily create a delicate looking Pandora necklace with only one pendant or a few charms in silver, gold, or leather chain. For example, you can match a heart or other dangle charm with two beads on both sides.


Pandora also offers in their ring selection their same mix and match design it yourself. You can choose from a variety of precious metal settings and gemstones and create your own individual combination that will match your look or style.


Aside from bracelets, necklaces, and rings, Pandora also offers watches which are also customizable. You can choose the bezel and strap color, material, and style.

Pandora jewelry will bring out your creativity in mixing and matching charms and beads on your jewelry pieces. It is a great way of expressing your style as well as your feelings. Pandora jewelry is also a great and meaningful gift you can give your closest friends and loved ones.