Introduction to Birthstones

Birthstones are precious gemstones that represent each month of the year or a person’s month of birth. The legend of their origin can be traced back to 1912 and it is believed that these birthstones correspond to the twelve stones on the breastplate of Aaron. According to the myth, each of them represents a different Israeli tribe. Though the origin of the twelve birth stones is being connected to Israel’s story, each gem has its own story from the Ancient Greeks to the Egyptian pharaohs. It is also believed that each stone has a certain natural property that act as good luck charm for the stone bearer and they are usually worn in the form of jewelry.

To further know about their characteristics, here are short overviews of the twelve birthstones.

January Garnet Birthstone

January’s stone is Garnet. It signifies trust, friendship, and reliability. Garnet has different colors but the most popular has a warm, red color that makes it look like a pomegranate seed. It is also considered as an energy cleansing stone which helps boosts self-confidence and achieve balance in life. Garnet honors Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war considered as the most powerful goddess of Egypt. Most of the Garnet stones are from Sri Lanka, Africa, and India.

February Amethyst Birthstone


February’s stone is Amethyst. It is a purple-colored stone also known as the gem of fire. It was considered as unique and expensive as diamond in the ancient times and up until now, it is the rarest gemstone. Amethyst is recognized as the wisdom stone. It is believed that its wearer will gain humility, piety, and spiritual insight from it, that’s why Catholic bishops wear this jewel on their rings. It is also known as the stone of protection because it is said to shield its wearer from negative thoughts and actions.

March Aquamarine BirthstoneMarch

Aquamarine is March’s stone. It is the stone of the water also known as the poor man’s diamond. Aquamarine represents love, youth, and hope. It is believed to help its wearer achieve emotional and mental stability. Presenting this stone to a newlywed bride guaranteed a long and prosperous marriage in the pre-historic Roman era.
April Diamond Birthstone


For people born in April, their birthstone is Diamond, also known as the symbolic stone for the flame of eternal love in Greek. This is the reason why traditional rings are adorned with diamonds. This stone has a detoxifying capability which cleanses and protects its wearer from emotional, physical, as well as intellectual negative energy. Diamond is also recognized as the stone of strength in personal accomplishments and relationships as well.

May Emerald Birthstone


The stone for May is Emerald. Its lush green color reflects new spring growth. Emerald was once believed to cure diseases like cholera and malaria. It is also believed that presenting it to your lover will make them stay faithful to you. It is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

June Pearl Birthstone


June’s stone is Pearl, known as the oldest gem of all time. It’s difficult to find an original pearl because it’s rare and expensive. According to the Greeks, this gem was formed by the hardened tears of the goddess of love. It symbolizes loyalty, wealth, purity, and generosity. Since it is obtained from the sea, it possesses water and lunar properties which helps stabilize emotions.

July Ruby Birthstone


July’s stone is Ruby. It is known as the queen of all stones and the most powerful gem in the universe. It has a deep color known as the pigeon’s blood. It is associated with passion and is believed to stir up emotions. This stone can help people who lack in self-love to gain self-confidence. Ruby was also used by adventurers in the past as a protection from evil spirits and to attract good fortune as well.

August Peridot Birthstone


For people born in August, their birthstone is lime green colored Peridot. This stone is a symbol of the sun and is believed to protect its wearer from evil and night terrors. It was also used by Romans to cure depression and by Egyptians to treat heart problems. Peridot is known to attract good fortune and prosperity.

September Sapphire Birthstone


The birthstone of people born in September is Sapphire. This stone is known as protector of love and it symbolizes heaven. It has different colors and each color has certain properties but all of them are attributed with intuition, serenity, open-mindedness, and calmness. Sapphire is also believed to treat blood and throat disorders.

October Opal Birthstone


October’s stone is Opal. It is known to be a fragile stone which can crack under the light of sun. This stone symbolizes imaginations, dreams, and visualizations. It is believed to give its wearer prosperity in business as well as in personal relationships.

November Citrine Birthstone


The birthstone of people born in November is Citrine, known as the healing quartz. It is transparent with a pale yellow color. This stone is believed to attract wealth and happiness, and is associated with positivity. It is also believed to enhance its wearer’s productivity and creativity, and it can ward off negative emotions as well.

December Blue Topaz Birthstone


December’s stone is Blue Topaz. The word topaz in Greek means precious stone. This stone is associated with honesty, forgiveness, and openness. It is known to help its wearer acquire freedom of mind, inner strength, and clarity of thoughts and emotions. It is also used to cure asthma, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Blue Topaz can be found mostly in China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil and in the United States.

More than being used as decorations to add colors to our pieces of jewelry, it’s amazing to know that our birthstones have stories and meanings behind them.