Ideas for Having Custom Jewelry Made for a Bridesmaid

As a bride, there are hundreds of things to deal with at a time. Whether, it’s a wedding dress, its perfect fitting, matching shoes, accessories, menu, venue, honeymoon itinerary, reception seating chart and the list is endless! In addition to this, if you are planning to have a bridal party, then more stuff adds on to the list, including their accessories, dresses, probably their hair and styling too. Besides, you also need to get gifts for each member of the bridal crew to show your love and appreciation towards them.

We may not be able to fully take off your burden, but by reaching at the end of the article; you are sure to get amazing ideas for customized bridesmaid jewelry for gifting purpose. You can also check out here if you want to know where to play legit online pokies real money.

Things To Consider for Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Bridal crew presents don’t need to be over-the-top gesture, but they should be a simple token of gratitude. However, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding a perfect gift for the occasion.

  • First things first, you are required to set a budget for your wedding and do the preps accordingly, and it also includes the gifts you are giving away.
  • Each friendship bond is unique so does the choice of each individual, thus you need to be sure what to choose. If you are planning to give similar gifts to all of them, then make sure it matches to everyone’s style.
  • Remember that Bridesmaids’ gift don’t have to be expensive at all, if you can’t afford. However, unique and inexpensive things can also mean a lot to those who value the gesture.
  • It is wise to invest in something that will be useful for your girls even after the wedding. They will be extremely thankful to you for that!

Why Jewelry Pieces Can Be The Best Bridal Party Gift?

Choosing something that is liked by all the members of bridal crew can be a daunting task. However, jewelry could be an incredibly thoughtful gift, and it is something every girl loves. The good news is; the variety is unlimited. From delicate rings to dainty studs and beautiful pendant necklaces to elegant bracelets; you can order customized designs either with their name initials, zodiac signs or of any character they like.

If you like the thought of customized jewelry for bridesmaids, scroll through to get inspiring ideas. For your convenience, we have placed the pieces under certain categories to help you decide/compare better.

Neck Jewelry

The most versatile category of all is neck jewelry. You can be creative with its customization. Meanwhile, looking for the best online casino is not a problem as long as you know how to search for legit sources online.

1. Block Initial Pendant

Block Initial Pendant

The first thing we have on the list is something that can be worn throughout the lifetime because your first name isn’t going change until forever. Is it? The first name initial crafted in blocky text on a contemporary necklace can be a great choice to gift your friend. Whenever she will wear it; the accessory will remind her of you as a pensive friend!

2. Charm Choker

Charm Choker

Next one is an option for the most stylish crew member of all. Chokers are trending in the fashion world, and if it has your name on it, then it automatically becomes even more special. You can get your maids a beautiful choker with their names written or engraved on them. In fact, nicknames are better and cool!

3. Layered Chain Necklace

Layered Chain Necklace

If your budget allows you to choose gold accessories, then a layered necklace can be another great option to choose for bridal squad. Parallel layered chains look elegant and stylish at the same time. Although you can also opt for imitations, but ensure high quality of chain and pendants.

4. Pearl Necklace/Set

Pearl Necklace/Set

Pearls never go out of fashion, and they have the power to instantly give a decent overall look. Moreover, you can wear pearl/beaded jewelry with any dress on any occasion. The next suggestion is a true example of a good-looking pearl necklace with matching earrings. Your maids can carry these on your wedding or use them later for a classy look. It is delicate and simply beautiful.

5. Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant

Here is one for your religious friend who would be extremely grateful to you for presenting a ‘cross-sign’ pendant. However, if you wish to give away all the members same gift, then be careful with this one as some of the crew members may not have religious significance.

6. Birth Stone Necklace

Birth Stone Necklace

Don’t want to go for name initial or cross pendants? No problem! Opt for birth-stone studded pendant instead. You can choose any size or design with this one. Your girlfriend is going to love it for sure. Learn more about birthstones here.


The good thing about rings is; your bridesmaid can wear it all the time and will remember you!

7. Engraved Rings

Engraved Rings

Rings with engraved text can make someone feel special and loved. Moreover, the customization choices are endless! You can either engrave your names on this one, or any text that can remind her of you.

8. Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings look pretty as well as expensive. You can either opt for the birth-stone embedded ring or even a fake stone surrounded by simulants or any semi-precious stones. In addition, the choice of shape with this design is versatile, including hexagonal, circle, heart or diamond cut, etc.

9. Name Ring

Name Ring

This design is special, and it is meant for those bridesmaids that are close to your heart. The ring can be customized with names or text, anything you like. The best part is; its design is adjustable as per the size of the finger.

10. Delicate Pearl Ring

Delicate Pearl Ring

Not everyone is into heavy jewelry pieces. If your squad is a fan of delicate rings, then a pearl ring can be a good choice. It not only looks elegant but also unique in design. Moreover, the ring is budget-friendly too, and quite reasonable for those brides who have a bigger bridal party to buy gifts for.


The definition of fashion jewelry is incomplete without a beautiful accessory wrapped around the wrist – bracelet.

11. Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet

Are gemstones your thing? Well, you can incorporate them in a bracelet too. Simply get it made from a single stone with the chain support or a series of gems attached together to form a band. Either way, the bracelet is sure to get appreciated.

12. Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Bracelet

Personalized things always have a valuable meaning attached to them; a bracelet with embossed alphabets on it can be a true example! A sincere suggestion is to choose a nickname of your bridesmaid for engraving as a caring gesture.

Check tips for engraved jewelry for more innovative ideas!

DIY Bow-Shaped Bridesmaids Jewelry

Do you know you can make your Bridesmaids’ present even more special? Yes, that’s possible if you make it yourself. Being a bride, you may not find enough time or energy to go extra miles for crafting a bridal party gift. However, it can surely be a wonderful and thoughtful way to express your gratitude towards their favors.

What Tools Are Needed?

Wire Jewelry Kit or the following:

Round wire

Cable chain

Round-nose pliers

Chain-nose pliers

Jump rings

Semi flush clippers

Lobster clasp


  • In order to make a bracelet or necklace; you need to cut around five inches of wire.
  • Next step is to bend the first wire loop over the rounded pliers.
  • Second loop should be bent in an opposite direction to form a bow shape.
  • By this step, a bow must be taking shape. You can adjust the loops evenly for further enhancement.
  • Now take the left loop’s end to wrap it around the center once. Pull tightly.
  • Once the bow is formed as per your liking, cut the ends of wire and file them after to prevent sharp edges.
  • Bow is now complete. Connect the clasp and the bow to a chain with the help of jump rings and pliers.
  • You can adjust the ring according to the length of the bracelet or necklace.
  • It is all ready!

The good part about this DIY bow jewelry is that; it will cost you way less than buying one and still will be more precious to your maids.


No matter, what style or design of jewelry you choose as Bridesmaids’ gift, one thing is certain: your girls will appreciate you for making them feel special by being thoughtful on your wedding. Especially, if that is something they can carry on the wedding day and after that as well. All the gift ideas mentioned in this post for customized jewelry can be made in any metal, like gold, platinum, silver or imitations and will look equally good. The key is to determine your budget first and decide accordingly.

Make your big day special for your bridal party too because they deserve it!