What are the Stackable Band Rings?

Ring stacking is a young but popular fashion trend that lets you showcase your unique style by incorporating textures and materials like diamonds and gemstones into your ring combinations.

Stackable rings are designed to be worn on top of one another, producing a layered effect. Stackable rings are usually delicate, with thinner designs providing greater flexibility to stack them in various ways.

This trend was initially way for women to celebrate milestones or occasions in their lives. While a wedding band represents the commitment of marriage, there are a lot of other significant events worth commemorating, such as anniversaries, childbirth, or the loss of a loved one. Donning a ring that signifies such life-changing experiences serves as a constant reminder of their impact on one’s life.

And in this day and age of women increasingly valuing themselves and their experiences, why not? 


Stacking Across the Ages

The trend of wearing stacked rings gained immense popularity during the early years of the new millennium and remains a strong trend today. It encompasses a wide range of options, from birthstone rings that can be stacked together to diamond rings and even personalized name rings that can be stacked on any finger.

The first stackable rings were designed as bridal jewelry and this was the traditional way that women wore multiple rings until the mid-20th century, with a few exceptions.

The concept of gimmel rings from the 16th and 17th centuries inspired the creation of gold stackable rings that followed. These rings comprised two or three hoops that were interconnected to form a complete ring, primarily designed as wedding bands. During the engagement period, the couple would wear one ring each, and at the wedding, the groom would transfer his ring to his beloved’s finger and interlock it back into its original state, signifying being locked in love. This practice was a symbolic and emotional application of ring stacking.

Harem rings were akin to the gimmel rings, with all the hoops of the ring connected by a thin piece of unobtrusive metal at the back. The first harem rings were created as wedding bands in Turkey and later introduced in Western Europe, gaining popularity during the 19th and the early 20th century. They featured three to twelve rings and were often adorned with the same gemstone on the front of each band, resembling half hoop or half eternity bands. 

They were also embellished with different gemstones such as combinations of emerald, ruby, and sapphire with larger diamonds or stones set in between the smaller ones, arranged to sit slightly apart when worn on the finger.


In the 18th and 19th centuries, “guard” or “keeper” rings were popular, which were simple hoops made of gold or silver. These rings were often engraved or inscribed and worn on either side of the wedding, engagement, or other significant ring to prevent it from slipping off, especially in cold weather.

As more creative designs emerged, such as eternity rings or narrow stackable wedding bands featuring square-cut-colored gemstones with round-cut diamonds, and geometric-shaped eternity bands of baguettes, round cuts, or marquise and princess cuts, they became popular gifts for occasions such as the birth of a child, anniversaries, and other important holidays. Women often shifted their engagement ring to the right hand to stack the eternity styles together, or if there was enough space, they would stack them around the engagement ring.

Perfectly Stacked

When it comes to stacking rings, there aren’t any hard and fast rules to follow. However, here are some helpful suggestions to begin with.

You can combine the rings you already possess with the new ones that you desire. You need not purchase an entirely new set of rings to form the ideal stack. Evaluate your existing rings and determine which ones would complement each other when stacked.


Adding gemstones is a great way to incorporate them into your stack if you’re fond of that style. Some people feel strongly connected to their birthstone, while others resonate with gemstones such as sapphire or ruby. By integrating one or two gemstones into your stack, you can introduce color and vibrancy.

You can combine delicate and simple bands with chunky diamond bands. It’s not essential for two rings to be flawlessly stacked, as the overall appearance of the rings should be coherent and consistent. 

There’s no need to hesitate to mix metals of different hues and band widths when creating a stack of rings. Combining rose gold with yellow gold, for example, is entirely acceptable. In fact, numerous ring stackers prefer the look of unmatched metals. The same applies to band width.

Just make sure that the rings you select align with your personality and individual style. Opt for designs that catch your eye, rather than those that you believe will appeal to others. This principle applies to all types of jewelry trends, but it’s particularly crucial when it comes to stacking rings, as they can express a lot of personal character.

Combining different metals can result in an incredibly appealing aesthetic when done correctly. You need not go overboard with this, but it’s worth experimenting with mixing a silver band with a gold one. Due to the subtle and intricate nature of stacking rings, blending these metals won’t appear overly jarring or mismatched.


One of the benefits of stacking rings is the chance to be as imaginative and inventive as you please. Whether you desire a discreet appearance with plain, slender bands or a vibrant display by combining three distinct gemstones, the possibilities are endless.

If you enjoy trying out various styles, stacking rings will offer a plethora of opportunities to do so. One day, you may prefer to wear a single ring, while the next day, you may want to stack multiple rings together. With time, you’ll discover which colors and styles complement each other the best, enabling you to develop your unique signature appearance.

The options for stacking rings are extensive, providing ample variety to experiment with. But keep in mind that the most important part of this style is letting your inner vibe shine through.