Caring for Platinum Rings

Caring for Platinum Rings

Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal. It normally contains 95% platinum and 5% alloys, or other metals. It is a thick, malleable silver-white metal that is marked as platinum 950 and is perfect for making jewelry. Every metal in the world will tarnish and chip over time. No metal is scratch-proof, … Read more

Difference Between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

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Gold is a naturally occurring substance with an estimated abundance of 0.005 parts per million in the earth’s crust. This substance was found hundreds of years ago, and due to its brilliance, inherent beauty, and luster, mankind has always found it to be quite alluring. Moreover, gold has always been regarded as … Read more

Are There Different Grades of Sterling Silver?

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Silver is the most common valuable metal among the many minerals. Due to its characteristics, it has been essential in many facets of civilization from ancient times. It has been used to create jewelry, service ware, and a variety of other products.  Silver needs to be reinforced with other metals since it … Read more

Caring for a Platinum Ring that Becomes Dull

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Platinum is a beautiful and durable metal that is often used in jewelry. When it is first purchased, it may be shiny and dazzling. However, over time a platinum ring becomes dull and lackluster. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as exposure to chemicals or pollutants in the … Read more

Why Does Platinum Scratch So Easily?

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When it comes to scratches, platinum is one of the most accessible materials to scratch. In fact, it only takes a fingernail to create a noticeable mark on platinum. So why is this metal so easily scratched? We’ll take a closer look at what makes platinum so scratchable and find out some … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Jewelry

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Jewelry

Gold, aside from its ornamental value, is also an excellent investment option. It’s because it can withstand any economic volatility. Wearing a shiny and luxurious piece of gold jewelry is truly pleasant to the eye, and it is also a wonderful fashion accessory that both men and women can wear. Wearing gold … Read more

Tips and Tricks to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing


Fashion is a great way to reveal your personality without having you speak. Among the most popular and appreciated fashions that men and women adopt across the globe is through jewelry. Do you also like jewelry? This must sound a silly question because who doesn’t? Or should be asked, what is your … Read more

Why is Platinum More Expensive than Gold


Are you on a hunt of choosing the perfect metal for your wedding ring? Can’t decide between the beauty of white gold and the charm of platinum? Well, to tell you the truth, there isn’t a huge difference between the two in terms of appearance. However, the price difference is worth considering.  … Read more

History of Rose Gold

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Rose gold is a combination or an alloy of copper, pure 24 karats yellow gold, and silver. Although pure 24 karats yellow gold is the base of almost every gold quality and colors, it is too soft for its utilization in a pure state for jewelry. To make it wearable, pure 24 … Read more

Why Does Platinum Dull?

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A major part of planning your dream wedding is deciding the type of wedding ring you and your better half want. Couples often look for that perfect shiny platinum rings that will last a lifetime. But to their disappointment, many of the couples who bought one have experienced their platinum rings getting … Read more