Hidden Wedding Expenses to Watch Out For

When planning for a wedding, the most important thing you should look into is your budget especially when you want a grand wedding ceremony. In the present time, having a wedding can be really expensive. You have to allot budgets for wedding gowns, suits, wedding venue, foods, flowers, decorations, and invitations. But those are not … Read more

Top 20 Locations for Destination Weddings

Plan a Destination Wedding

Today, wedding ceremonies are no longer limited in churches. In fact, soon-to-be-married couples can now hold their wedding ceremonies in different locations which is called destination wedding. It is a kind of wedding held in a setting away from your hometown. Most of the time, the wedding and the following honeymoon are celebrated in the … Read more

Creative Ideas for Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your wedding reception, therefore, it’s important to decorate it with a personal touch. One of the best cake decorations today are cake toppers. Aside from giving style to your wedding cake, they can also be kept as a remembrance for the years to come. Wedding cake toppers often … Read more

Options for Creating a Wedding Website

Creating a Wedding Website

Weddings are one of the most challenging life events to plan for. There are lots of details to manage and so many things to remember. And it’s even more difficult if the couple have their own jobs to attend to. But today, soon-to-be-married couples no longer have to worry about keeping every detail of their … Read more