Unusual Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers have become one of the special symbols when it comes to weddings, especially as they set the scene and give some real insights about the style of the wedding couple. One of the most important decisions to be made about the wedding is about the kind of flowers that you’re going to put on show. This can cost you quite a major chunk of your wedding budget, so you want to make sure everything looks perfect. 

You can have flower vases as centerpieces on every table during the wedding reception or dinner. The same flowers, or something similar, could festoon the whole venue. When arranged correctly, flower decorations can transform any space into something worthy for a wedding. There are now even fresh flowers on wedding cakes, which just goes to show how important these blooms are. 

Aside from the flower arrangements in the venue, the bridal bouquet is also one of the essential bridal accessories. It is also a key element to your look. With that in mind, it should also reflect the theme of your wedding, the color scheme, and of course, your personal style.

Why a Wedding Bouquet is Important

There are several ways in which a wedding bouquet is among the most focal points of any wedding. First off, it’s held by the bride, who is the center of attention at this event. This means that all eyes are going to be diverted in the direction of that bouquet for at least the most important minutes of the ceremony. 

All this means that the wedding bouquet needs to be in line with what the bride is wearing as well as the rest of the decorations. A wilting bouquet or a clash with the dress or the rest of the décor can potentially spoil the effect of the whole thing. As many people place a lot of importance on the pictures of important events these days, the bouquet needs to be just right in order to be Instagram-worthy. 

Another reason why the wedding bouquet is so important is the throwing ceremony. With many Western weddings, after the marriage formalities are done, the bride throws her bouquet backward to a crowd of waiting friends. The idea is that the one who catches the bouquet will be the one to get married next. Needless to say, this is quite a popular tradition and one that all the guests look forward to. Since the bouquet is the main player here, it only stands to reason that you’d want a unique and gorgeous selection. 

Choosing the Flowers 

The most common or traditional flowers that are usually used in wedding bouquets are roses, tulips, and lilies. Along with being classic choices, these are all sure to look very beautiful. They’ll also go with just about any kind of décor or dress, but you might want something different. If you want your bouquet to stand out and look unique, putting your own personal spin on it can help.

If you’re the type of person who’d like to go for something more unusual or even exotic, we are here to give some ideas that may help you in choosing a bouquet with unusual flowers.

Unusual Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

If you want your bridal bouquet to be remembered by your guests, here are some of the unusual but excellent flowers you can use for your wedding bouquet to add some style to it and make it stand out on your wedding day. You don’t’ want anything that will wilt or wither too quickly, nor do you want something that’s too difficult to obtain. After some research, the most unique yet still accessible choices seem to be as follow: 

  • Sunflowers:Sunflowers are known to be the epitome of happiness because of their radiant color and carefree associations. They are bold and vibrant, which is great for those modern and fun-loving brides. You can choose to have a bouquet of mini sunflowers or one big sunflower alone. Such a choice it will surely make your wedding bouquet unique. Make sure the sunflowers don’t clash with the rest of the décor, though. If you’re having a fun-themed, quirky wedding with big and bold decorations, sunflowers would likely be the perfect choice. 
  • Dried Lavender:Using fresh lavender in bouquets can be common, so why not try to use dried flowers instead? Using dried flowers like lavender can give a bouquet a beautiful rustic look. Aside from its appearance, such a bouquet will also smell amazing. You can combine it with some small daisies and grasses to make it look more charming. If you are concerned that someone may have an allergy to Lavender’s fragrance, you may want to choose another unusual flower. Make sure to ask the main people about this beforehand, such as the bridesmaids and the bride herself. Of course, dried lavender would also be hardier than fresh flowers, and might even make for a gorgeous display at someone’s home after the wedding. You’re certain to get your money’s worth this way. 
  • Hyacinth:This is a spring-blooming bulb flower that usually comes in deep purple. However, there are also varieties of pinks and whites to choose from if those colors will go better with the theme of your wedding. Hyacinths can make your wedding bouquet more striking, especially when you combine it with other strong colors. The texture of this flower can also make your bouquet look robust along with giving it a great fragrance. If you’re thinking of a spring wedding, hyacinth will be a perfect seasonal addition to your bouquet. 
  • Birds of Paradise:If you want your bouquet to really stand out, then a tropical-looking bouquet might work best for you. Using Birds of Paradise can make your bouquet a tropical classic due to its green, purple, orange, and red bird-like appearance. Again, this might not be the best option if you’re going for an undertoned and elegant theme for the wedding. If there are splashes of color at other places in the venue, this bouquet will probably be more in line with the theme. 
  • Thistle:You might not think about using spiky thistles in your bouquet, but they can be a perfect choice. It’s because they can add texture and visual interest to your wedding bouquet. Plus, this is also ‘something blue’ that you can carry down the aisle. Still, you want to warn the other guests before you throw the bouquet, as the people trying to catch it might scratch themselves!
  • Succulents: These are becoming famous in flower arrangements, but they are still unusual for bridal bouquets. Therefore, adding some succulents to your bouquet can make it look unique. But if you really want your bouquet to stand out, why not opt to have the whole bouquet done in succulents? Plus, there are sturdy, and they can look great day and night. Again, these will be a bit risky to throw, so be careful!
  • Hops:These are eye-catching vines that you can also use to make your bridal bouquet look unique. Hops can make lovely boutonnieres and adorable garlands as well. 
  • King Protea:This flower is giant, fuzzy, spiky, and stately. Therefore, if you really want to make a statement with your bridal bouquet, then this is the best choice for you. Since it is big, it can be nestled with a bit of greenery or incorporated in a more elaborate arrangement.
  • Artichoke: This is another plant that you probably would never think about using when it comes to a bridal bouquet. The delectable artichoke can also become a stunning flower for your bouquet due to its rustic colors and sculptural texture. If you’re a foodie, then you might like this unusual choice as well.
  • Calla Lily: Classic bridal bouquets are usually round, but if you want to be different, then you can also try using a tall Calla Lily pageant bouquet. You’ll be surprised to know that many might find it more fitting compared to the classic round bridal bouquet.

These are some of the unusual flowers you can choose from to make your bridal bouquet memorable. Remember that the choice comes down to what you are most drawn to. If you want to stick with the classic bridal bouquet, or you want to break the rules of formality, you’re free to do so because it’s your day.

Non-Flower Options

Want something completely unique for your wedding bouquet? Skip the flowers altogether! Flowers can look gorgeous at weddings, but there’s no real need to have them all over the place. If you’re looking for a different and more lasting option, consider the following:

  • Feathers: If you like the flapper style from the 1920s, having a feather bouquet could help you achieve that look. Some droopy ostrich or peacock feathers could make for a memorable bouquet and a lovely prop for pictures as well. 
  • Ribbons: You can hire a crafting artist to make you roses or any other type of flower out of some silk ribbons. These will give a classy, elegant touch to any wedding and also last a lifetime. Dress up the bouquet with a couple of brooches if you want some bling. 
  • Dried Items: You can also go for some natural options without them having to be flowers. These could be branches, dried vines, seed pods, or even pine cones. The result will be a long-lasting, rustic, yet romantic arrangement fit for a bride.  
  • Sea Shells: if you’re having a beach wedding or have a tropical theme, a bunch of seashells might be more in keeping with the décor than flowers. These will also keep up well even under a hot sun. 

Not having flowers for your bouquet might seem sacrilegious to some people but it’s your day and your choice. No flowers might actually be a safer option, as you never know if someone is allergic to certain types of plants. Any of your attendees getting rashes, hives, or swollen throats could end up ruining your day, so some brides are now choosing the safer option of non-flower bouquets. 

Bouquets made of feathers or fabric are also more lasting, so you can even keep them as mementos of the wedding. If you really want to have some real blooms, though, you can always mix them up with the other components. 


No matter what kind of flowers you end up choosing, remember that you get what you pay for. In order to achieve a high-quality bouquet for your wedding, you might need to prepare for a high price as well. These costs might pile up, so make sure you budget properly beforehand. Check out these hidden wedding expenses you should watch out for

If you have made space in your budget for the perfect wedding bouquet, you’re all set! Any of the unusual flower options we’ve described above would do wonders in making your wedding day memorable. Choose your favorite one and enjoy your big for all it’s worth!