Relationship Rings Explained

In relationships, couples tend to give valuable things to each other as a sign of their love. And one of the common things that are given especially to women are rings. They are one of the classic options of jewelry pieces when it comes to making a relationship statement.

Since relationships have different milestones, there are also different types of rings that corresponds to each of those milestones. Relationship rings have four main types which are promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings. Here are the meanings behind these types of relationship rings. And check out as it will tell you more details on the best online casinos in Australia this 2022.

Promise Rings

Promise rings are great for couples who are not yet ready to commit to an engagement. It’s a sign that says they are not yet getting married, but they will someday in the near future. It can be given at any time as a symbol of commitment to the relationship.

There’s actually no rules when it comes to giving and wearing a promise ring. If you feel like your commitment or relationship is great, then you can wear this type of ring. Promise rings can also be worn on any finger by both men and women. Its concept is, once a promise ring is given, the couple involved assume that they can now rely more heavily on the other person’s word and that they will remain true to it.

You also do not have to spend much money on promise rings, because in time, it will be replaced with more special ones such as engagement and wedding rings.

Engagement Rings

Relationship Rings - Engagement ring

An engagement ring is given when asking for someone’s hand in marriage. This kind of ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, because it is believed that this finger has a vein that runs directly to the heart.

However, in reality, that vein does not actually exist, but the tradition is still being practiced in the present time. The giving of engagement rings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. They are the ones who chose the circle shape because for them, it symbolized eternity.

There are many styles of engagement rings and in fact, they have changed through the years. In the present time, engagement rings are usually white gold or platinum band set that contains a diamond. There are also some with gemstones such as sapphires and rubies and these are cheaper compared to rings with a diamond. However, some traditionalists see gemstones as a bit odd for an engagement ring.

Well, you don’t always have to think about tradition because what’s important in choosing an engagement ring is considering what fits your partner’s personality and as well as what she loves. Also, the amount that you’ll be spending for an engagement ring will depend on your budget, but according to tradition, it should cost around two month’s wages. But today, there are a lot of affordable engagement rings in the market. You can also see here an updated list of the best south african casino sites.

Wedding Rings

Relationship Rings - Wedding ring

Wedding rings or wedding bands are the rings given and received by each partner in their wedding ceremony. These rings are much simpler ring compared to an engagement ring. They are usually plain bands without a gemstone or diamond set into it. Wedding rings are worn on the same finger as the engagement ring and they are often stacked together.

Profile is an important thing to consider when choosing a wedding ring. This is the shape of the metal that is used for the band. You can choose from concave, where the band is almost indented, to a D shape, which is like a half circle on top of the band.

Wedding rings are much cheaper compared to engagement rings because they usually do not have diamonds and fancy gemstones.

Eternity Rings

Relationship Rings - Eternity ring

Eternity rings are also known as infinity rings and are often given after marriage, just like a renewed reminder of your vows. They are a lovely gesture that you can give to your special someone to mark special events in your relationship. It can also be a symbol of your love and ongoing commitment, and can also be given to celebrate the birth of a first child.

Eternity rings are usually band of precious metal such as white gold or platinum. They also have diamonds or gemstones set into the band. It comes in two types which are full and half. Full eternity rings have stones that make a complete circle around the band. Half eternity rings on the other hand have half of the band crusted with stones while the other half is plain.

These are the different relationship rings and the meaning behind them. Rings, more than being a fashion accessory, hold deeper and meaningful symbolisms especially to individuals in relationships. They are pieces of jewelry that you can use to express your feelings towards a special person.