What are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes?

So you’re ready to pop the big question, and now you’re ready to look for a ring. As it turns out, finding the perfect engagement ring can be a real challenge. There are so many different materials, sizes, shapes and cuts to choose from and each of them have their own characteristics and perks.

And just so you know, the shape of the diamond matters. Some have more sparkle, while others may look larger and look quite expensive. The cut of the diamond makes all the difference.  Be sure to check out luxurydiamonds.ca for all your gemstone needs.

Here are the different engagement ring styles to choose from:

1. Round cut

A round diamond engagement ring on a woman’s left hand

If you want your diamond to sparkle the most, choose a round cut ring. This is an ever-popular design, and more than half of brides wear this style. The round shape is the most traditional and most sought-after shape, because it makes the diamond most brilliant. The brilliance is due to the facets, which are cuts on the underside of the stone, and this helps the diamond to take in and reflect as much light as possible. A round cut diamond has 58 facets.

2. Princess cut

Delicate and stylish, the princess cut is one of the most popular engagement ring style next to round cut. It features a face-up shape along with square or rectangular sides, and you will see an X-shaped pattern when you look down into the stone. It was popular during the late 1980s to early 1990s, and it’s becoming a trendy ring style these days. The cut is versatile and has an intense sparkle that looks great in just about every setting.

3. Cushion cut

A cushion cut engagement ring studded with stones

The cushion cut engagement ring is often compared to a pillow because of its square-cut combination with rounded corners. When combined with its typical large facets, the stone becomes more brilliant. It offers a soft, classic and romantic look. This style is one of the oldest diamond shapes and was the most popular cut during the 1990s to 2000s. The cut was originally designed to preserve the crystal better.

4. Oval cut

Basically an elongated circle, oval engagement rings can have as many facets as a round-cut stone. This shape is great for those who like to stand out, as the stone appears larger than the usual round cut while also making the woman’s finger more slender. This elegant shape is preferred by sophisticated brides who like the sparkle of a round cut ring, but wants something that will stand out more.

5. Marquise cut

A marquise cut engagement ring in silver and diamond

Marquise cut engagement rings have stones the shape of a football, with curved sides and delicate, pointy tips at both ends. It appears to be the largest of all cuts, and its elongated shape looks flattering for short fingers. Also known as the Navette cut, this style is known for its regal feel. A marquise cut is showy, statement-making and unique, and will surely elicit conversations about your engagement and wedding.

6. Pear-shaped cut

Also known as the teardrop shape, the pear-shaped cut diamond is pointy at one end and rounded on the other. This cut is elegant, delicate and flirty. It’s a hybrid of the oval and the marquise cut, which is great for brides who play by their own set of rules and prefer things to be unconventional. Shapes also vary because it can be long and skinny, or short and fat. This design was most popular during the 1950s, but because of Avril Lavigne’s and Paris Hilton’s celebrity rings, this design is back on trend. 

7. Emerald cut

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Featuring a rectangular cut with strong corners, the emerald cut diamond is the ultimate vintage cut. It exudes a sophisticated and glamorous Art Deco vibe that has more appreciated for its luster instead of brilliance. This style offers an understated sparkle with “hall of mirrors” effect, which emphasizes the clarity of the diamond and catches light elegantly. It is important, however, for an emerald cut diamond to have high quality because imperfections can be seen more easily in this regal style. It also has to be clean always, if you want to keep it pretty and perfect-looking.

8. Asscher cut

Also known as the square emerald cut, the Asscher cut exudes a modern vintage appeal. Your bride will love it if they are fascinated with the vintage fashion from the Art deco period. This shape is a 21st century update to the classic emerald cut, featuring an octagonal shape with 58 large facets. Though this shape is technically an octagon, it is usually set on a four-prong mounting that makes it look like a square, thus being known as the square emerald cut. This design is named after the Asscher brothers, the jewelers who patented the design in 1902.

In 1999, the family introduced a new update – the royal Asscher cut. This shape boasts of 74 facets, which are all measured precisely to ensure a perfectly symmetrical cut. The Asscher cut engagement ring has been a favorite choice of the fashion-conscious brides ever since Carrie Bradshaw wore an Asscher cut ring during her brief engagement to Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City.

9. Heart-shaped cut

A heart-shaped diamond engagement ring in white gold

For hardcore romantics, this shape is perfect for you. As the name suggests, this ring design is shaped like a heart, which is a classic and eternal symbol of love. Heart cut stones aren’t traditionally used as engagement ring, but if you want your bride to stand out and have a unique ring, a heart cut diamond can be the way to go. Consider it even more if your partner loves quirky and dainty things. It’s perfect for the sweet and sentimental woman. It’s an uncommon engagement ring shape, but it has gotten some recognition previously, as Lady Gaga owned one for her former engagement to Taylor Kinney.

10. Radiant cut

Radiant cut rings is the first square cut design for diamonds that has a completely brilliant facet pattern. It mimics an emerald-cut stone, but it has more facets to allow extra sparkle. It’s for the brides who have a flair for the unique, complex and daring, yet still don’t want to stray too far from the classic and timeless designs.