Best Diamond Cuts for Earrings

Earrings are ancient forms of jewelry. Men and women of different cultures throughout history have worn it. The earliest form of stud earrings were used in ancient Egypt. The modern diamond stud earrings only appeared during the 19th century, and it has stayed all throughout until today. Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry because they give off a classic, clean and refined look favored by many men and women.

When buying diamond earrings the two most important characteristics you must pay attention to is the cut’s quality grade and the cut’s shape.

Cut quality

Cut quality is important for a reason – a high grade quality means a more proportional cut. The better the proportions of a diamond, the greater ability it has to retain and reflect light, which results to higher brilliance. Generally, the larger and more visible your diamond stone is, the more important it becomes for the cut to be of high quality. Most retailers use “Excellent,” “Very Good,” “Fair,” and “Poor” as terms to describe cut quality. Of course, the better the cut quality, the higher the price.

Diamond stones in earrings are relatively small, so you shouldn’t obsess about having the highest cut quality. They are not as noticeable as diamond rings, so it’s not worth buying a very high-quality cut for diamond earrings (unless you’re rich and you want it as part of your collection).

When buying diamond earrings, just make sure that you pick one with a good enough brilliance to not look dark and drab.

Cut shape

Diamond cuts can also be classified according to shape. You can find a variety of diamond stud earrings in different shapes. Each shape has its own unique charm and appeal. Here are the popular diamond cut shapes for earrings:

1. Round cut

Round stud earrings

Round cut is the most popular diamond cut, whether for a ring or for an earring. Round cut has the maximum brilliance among diamond shapes, with all else being equal. It has the most sparkle for a colorless diamond, making it the most popular choice for diamond studs. Round cut diamonds can complement thinner faces better.

2. Oval cut

The oval cut is a bit similar to the round cut, but longer. It also offers much brilliance like the round cut. Oval cut gives an impression of length, so it’s great for thinner faces.

3. Marquise cut

The marquise cut looks like a football. It’s like oval, but with two pointy ends that enhances the impression of length even more. The sharp points are usually well-protected by the earring setting to prevent chipping and protect the wearer from getting hurt.

4. Heart shaped cut

As the name suggests, this cut is shaped like a heart. It’s a shape preferred by buyers because of the fun and pretty shape itself, not because of how it complements the face. 

5. Pear shaped cut 

The pear shaped cut looks like a teardrop – with an oval end and a pointy end. It’s a mashup of the oval cut and the marquise cut. The diamond looks bigger on this earring cut.

6. Princess cut

The princess cut, like the round shape, was designed to show as much brilliance as possible. This cut is sometimes called “modified brilliant.” This is for people who wants a diamond with a lot of sparkle but doesn’t want round or oval shapes. This cut is suitable for broad faces.

7. Cushion cut

The cushion cut has a rectangular shape, but its corners are rounded instead of sharp. Though this cut is considered rectangular, the rounded edges make it look like a rounded square. This may suit thinner faces than broader faces.

8. Emerald cut

If you prefer a rectangular-shaped stone for your diamond earrings, the emerald cut is a good choice. Keep in mind that the emerald cut is not designed to maximize sparkle so expect it to be less brilliant than round or a princess cut stone.

9. Asscher cut

The Asscher cut is a square-shaped stone that looks like emerald cut, but this one has four equal sides. It’s preferable for people who likes the look of emerald cut but doesn’t want a rectangular stone.

10. Radiant cut

The radiant cut is rectangular, just like the emerald cut. What differs it from the emerald cut is that it has more cuts to enhance brilliance. Radiant cut is a sparklier version of an emerald cut stone.

11. Trilliant cut

Also known as trillion cut, the trilliant cut is the most commonly sold triangular diamond cut. It has all three sides that are equal in length, but they can also vary. This cut can come with either pointed or rounded ends. If you’re choosing trillion cut diamond earrings with sharp ends, make sure it’s well-protected by the setting.

Tips for choosing a diamond cut for earrings

When choosing a diamond shape, consider the shape of your face. Typically, the rounded and oval shapes are more suitable for thinner faces, while rectangular and long shapes like marquise and the pear-shape works best for complementing a broader face.

The cut quality is the most important aspect of the diamond because it translates to how much sparkle and brilliance the diamond will display. It’s best to choose something that will sparkle even with longer viewing distances. The round shape, princess cut and cushion cut works best when considering brilliance.

But since stud earrings are not as noticeable as other jewelry like necklace and bracelets, it makes sense if you will prioritize carat weight (or diamond size) when shopping for a pair of stud earrings. The carat size should be as big as your budget allows.

If you are concerned with budget but you want the best looking diamond possible, the color of the diamond must be kept in the G-I range. The most colorless and rarest diamonds belong to grade D and the diamonds with the most yellowish or brownish hue is grade Z. The clarity must be kept in the VS2-SI2 ranges, or very slightly included to slightly included. This is just a practical tip, but your personal preferences will matter most. If you have the money and you are in the market to buy a color D diamond with an IF clarity rating, then who’s to say you are wrong?  The most important consideration when it comes to diamond earrings is still the cut quality.