What are the Different Type of Diamond Cuts?

Diamond is one of the most sought-after gems and it comes with different cuts. A diamond cut is the symmetry, proportioning, and polish of a diamond. It affects the brilliance of the diamond, therefore, if it is cut poorly, it will be less luminous. A diamond cut has a symmetrical arrangement of facets or sides which modify the shape and arrangement of a diamond crystal. When choosing a cut, diamond cutters consider several factors such as the shape and size of the crystal.




There are two kinds of diamond cuts, the round brilliant, and the fancy cut. The round brilliant is the most popular cut given to a diamond. It contains 58 facets, 33 on the crown or the top half of the diamond, and 25 on the pavilion or the lower half of the diamond below the girdle.

The fancy cut diamond, on the other hand, is divided into categories such as modified brilliants, step cuts, mixed cuts, and rose cuts.

  • Modified brilliants: This is the most popular category in fancy cuts. The round brilliant diamonds can be easily modified into a wide range of shapes because their facet counts and facet arrangement are the same. Modified brilliants look almost similar to round brilliants.
  • Step cuts: Step cuts have stones with outlines that are either square or rectangular. Their facets are straight and are arranged parallel to the girdle. They often have their corners shortened, creating an emerald cut.
  • Mixed cuts: The Mixed cut is a combination of both brilliant and step cuts. Usually, the crown is brilliant cut while the pavilion is step-cut.
  • Rose cuts: Rose cuts have flat bases and they lack pavilions. Their crowns are composed of 12 to 24 triangular facets.

Diamond Cut Proportions

Diamond proportion is the relationship of the size, shape, and angle of each facet of a diamond. When a diamond is well-proportioned, its facet will be properly placed and angled to maximize the amount of light that reflects back out of the crown of the diamond, to the eye of the observer.

Here are some of the most popular diamond shapes based on the different diamond cut types.

  • Round Diamond: This is the most popular diamond cut. In fact, 75% of diamonds sold are round diamonds. It has 58 facets which reflect an incredible amount of light and that’s what makes this shape the most brilliant diamond cut. It is also one of the most expensive cuts, not just because of its brilliance and popularity, but because much of the diamond is lost during the cutting process.
  • Princess-Cut Diamond: The princess-cut is another popular diamond cut next to the round diamond. It was first introduced in the 1980s and it has become popular since it’s introduction. The princess-cut belongs to the mixed diamond cut types. This makes them very brilliant but less expensive because not much diamond is lost during the cutting process, unlike the round diamond.
  • Oval Diamond: This cut was invented by a Russian diamond cutter in the late 1950s. He was famous for cutting worthless gems into flawless ones. It became popular when people started finding alternatives for round-cut diamonds. The oval diamond has the same feel and brilliance of a round diamond.
  • Marquise Diamond: This diamond belongs to the modified brilliant-cut category. It is long and narrow and it can create an illusion that it has a bigger size.
  • Pear-Shaped Diamond: This one belongs to the modified brilliant cut diamonds. It is also known as the teardrop diamond. This type of diamond cut is popular, especially on necklaces and earrings.
  • Cushion-Cut Diamond: The cushion-cut diamond is also known as pillow cut because it has soft edges and large facets. It can contain 58 to 64 facets and its shape is more rectangular and sometimes nearly square. It can also appear vintage or modern depending on the diamond. There is also another kind of cushion-cut diamond called modified cushion brilliant which has an added row of facets that intensify the fire of the diamond. Diamonds with this modified cut often look like crushed ice.
  • Emerald-Cut Diamond: The emerald-cut diamond was in high demand back in the 1920s. It has a different sparkle and shine compared to other cuts because it has large step facets that reflect off one another and make it easy to notice inclusions and color within the stone.
  • Asscher-Cut Diamond: This cut has the same architectural feel as the emerald-cut diamond but it has larger facets and a higher crown. It is also more affordable because it allows more rough diamond to be saved when cut.
  • Radiant-Cut Diamond: This is a new cut of the diamond. It resembles the brilliance of a round-cut diamond, but its shape is similar to emerald-cut.
  • Heart-Shaped Diamond: The heart-shaped diamond is another example of a modified brilliant-cut diamond. It is unique and is popular to be used on pendants as well as rings as a symbol of love.

Now that you know the different cuts of diamonds, it will be easier for you to choose what type of diamond cut will best suit you.