Guide to Picking Bracelets for Men

Bracelets are widely known as accessories for women. But that doesn’t mean men cannot wear them as well. In fact, there are bracelets available in the market for men, and when you try to look at the wrists of the most stylish men you know, you might be surprised to see them wearing one or more.

Bracelets can help enhance men’s personal style and top off the look they want to achieve. Wearing a bracelet is just like wearing a necklace or a ring. You wear it to be noticed as an accent and not as the centerpiece of your outfit. When it comes to choosing what bracelet to wear, it will depend on the outfits that you love to wear. For example, if you’re always wearing a suit and tie, you can match it with some metallic bracelet.

There are lots of bracelets for men available in stores and picking the best ones can be challenging especially if it’s you’re first time to try wearing one. To help you, here are some things you need to know about bracelets for men.

Types of Bracelets for Men

It’s easy to identify bracelets that are for women and those that are for men. Bracelets for women usually comes with lots of precious stones and other details, while bracelets for men commonly looks plain. However, there are a lot of types of men’s bracelets to choose from and here are some of them.


Leather bracelets are perfect for men because their deep, rich brown color on your wrist signals refined masculinity. If you think bracelets are just for women, wearing a leather one might change your perspective. It is also a great way to express your inner rebel without accessorizing too much. You can also wear more than one leather bracelet on one arm for a more stylish look.


Wearing a woven bracelet is a great way to bring some color to your outfit. Woven bracelets come in different colors making it easy to match with any color of outfit you have. You can also use them both in formal and casual events. You can match it with the color of your shirt, or the color of your tie if you prefer to wear one in the office.


Beaded bracelets are also being worn by men in the present time. Most men wear these bracelets with their suit. The beads can be made from onyx, wood, and other materials and their prices may vary as well. If you choose to wear beaded bracelets, remember that the bigger the bead, the more casual the bracelet looks. If you plan to wear a beaded bracelet in a formal event, go for a smaller or pea-sized beads.


Metal bracelets can be a centerpiece of an outfit, therefore, if you’re working in a conservative or formal office, you must keep metal on the sidelines. Metal bracelets are best worn with a more subdued outfit. Wearing a single metal bracelet is great if you want something with a little flash, and you can pair it with a simple but elegant looking clothes. If you prefer to wear thicker metal bracelets, you must keep your shirt sleeves a little shorter than most men wear.

Strings and Rope Cords

These types of bracelets are relaxed and slightly counter-culture. Rope cords come in various thickness and some of them are decorated. One famous celebrity that was seen wearing a rope cord bracelet was Ashton Kutcher. However, you cannot wear rope cords in formal or corporate events because they are for casual attires only. You will be able to see a lot of men wearing this type of bracelet in a creative culture such as in graphic design studios.

Rock and Roll Jewelry

If you love rock and roll, then you might also like this type of bracelet. Most of these bracelets are designed with chains of silver skulls, curled scorpion motifs, and other rock and roll symbolisms. However, you certainly cannot wear these bracelets with suits and ties.

I.D. Bracelets

This is a popular bracelet choice for most men. I.D. bracelets were first issued to soldiers in World War II and it became a civilian style in the 1950’s. If you want a retro look, this is a great choice too. This type of bracelet match perfectly with a plain white shirt and some fitted jeans, also known as the postwar American icon look.

How Men Wear Bracelets
man with bracelets

Once you’re able to choose the types of bracelets you want to try wearing, it’s also important to know how to wear them without looking awkward. If you’re not yet used to wearing bracelets, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Treat Them Like Wristwatches: Wearing bracelets is just the same as wearing wristwatches. They stay against the skin, or under any long sleeves.
  • Combine Different Bracelets: Just like women, you can also try to mix and match the bracelets you have. However, do not mix multiples of thick, metal bracelets.
  • Match Them with Your Watch: Cord bracelets are the best to match with a wristwatch. Do not match a metal bracelet with your watch because it will look awkward.
  • One Wrist Should Be Bare: For men, it’s better to leave one wrist bare because matching bracelets on both wrists does not look good.

These are not rules but just suggestions on how men could properly wear bracelets. It will still be up to you on how you’d like to accessorize with them. Choosing the type of bracelet to wear will depend on your stylishness and personality. But we hope the information we shared will be able to help you pick the best bracelets that will suit your style.