What Colors Are In For a 2023 Wedding?

A color palette brings together all the elements of your wedding and sets the tone for your theme, setting, and venue. Every decision, from dresses to decorations to the best wedding invites, depends on your wedding color palette.

If you need color palette inspiration, we’ve rounded up some emerging wedding color trends for 2023 that will add the attractive pop-up of charming colors.

Embrace contemporary monochrome color

For an elegant and contemporary wedding, monochrome may be the right choice. A monochrome color palette contains only one color or slight variations in tone of the same color. Let’s break down why these colors are so popular if you’re still scratching your head.

The simple color palette eventually emerged into pop culture with celebrities, politicians, and fashion icons sporting monochrome outfits. In addition, it has long been an interior design trend and is now an undeniably popular wedding theme.

Bold and natural green tones

Sage and emerald tones add a lively and relaxing touch to your wedding theme. While traditionally limited to flower arrangements and bouquets, shades of green will appear at many weddings this year.

Greens work well with natural colors in outdoor settings, and couples love the trend of outdoor weddings. In addition, couples can use natural green tones from gardens to woodlands to accent beautiful flowers and minimalist outdoor settings. Also, implementing greenery instead of flowers is highly inexpensive.

Warm Rustic Colors

The last wedding season saw beautiful terracotta colors in shades of orange. Considering its popularity, we anticipate continuing this trend through 2023 (and possibly beyond). Warm tones of burgundy, terracotta, burnt sienna, and muted oranges offer a country look and are perfect for outdoor weddings. A nice contrast to outdoor greenery, these warm tones will look great at fall or summer weddings.

A return to classic neutrals

Ivory and champagne shades are classic staples at any wedding! These neutrals will look great with stylish pops of color, such as misty mauve, emerald green, blush, or deep navy blue. There are many ways to arrange classic neutral tones to create an elegant and timeless theme for your indoor or outdoor wedding.

Add the elegance of black to wedding invites

Black wedding invites have a special and unique appeal. They convey a sense of sophistication and elegance, yet You can also use them to create a mood of mystery and drama. You can use black wedding invitations to set the tone for an intimate and elegant affair, or they can be used to add a touch of glamour to a more lavish event. Either way, they are sure to make a statement.

Try using black wedding invitations with gold or silver accents for a more classic look.

Set the scene with soft greens and navy blues

Sage, sea glass, aquamarine, turquoise, and soft grays are colors that give a refreshing and calming sense to a place. Enhance the breezy, airy, beautiful atmosphere with a palette of natural seascapes. A bridesmaid and groomsman look stunning in calm tones, helping the bride and groom look even better when they exchange vows.

Consult a professional to finalize the color scheme of your wedding

The choice of wedding colors may seem simple, but it requires careful consideration. Your wedding color palette should look appealing and fit with your wedding theme. You can still consult to an expert if you are still unsure.