What to Look for When Buying Any CBD Flower Strains

CBD hemp flowers, unlike any other type of similar flowers, have been used for centuries to treat many ailments and just for recreational use. In fact, during the 1960s and early 1970s, the age of ‘flower power’ (appropriately named), which was the slogan at the time, non-violence was the key substance of society and its ways. Those that followed this expression, which was originally coined by Allen Ginsberg the American poet, in the mid-60s, was a way to try and transform the population that chose war over peace, into a more nonviolent, passive, and pleasant way of life.

This movement was followed throughout the world, and those that abided by this notion of peace over war were duly named hippies. They wore bright and colorful clothes, adorned themselves with flowers in their hair, and gave out flowers to the public as well as a symbol of peace and love, also called the flower children, and smoked lots of weed. This term was later generalized to all the public.

It all started as a protest towards the Vietnam war and its beginnings in California spread like wildfire throughout all the other states and then all the other countries. With is everything else spread as well, the clothes, the lifestyle, the food and drinks, the earthy characteristics of the hemp plant, and the calming effects of it. Some would say the happy-feelings one would get from smoking it, were cherished all over the world. Back then they were far fewer strains then there are today, but the original ones remain to check it out. Stickers and merchandise started circulating with the peace sign on it.

We digress, but the reason we bring it up is, when those people back in the 60s used it, it gave them only goo-feelings, and they never sought out violence or harm towards one another. This should be reason enough to consume it in the many formats it is available. So, if your convinced and in the market looking to purchase some but not sure where to start, these pointers we have added below, will point you in the right direction.

Levels of CBD

Let’s begin with the obvious one, the levels of CBD in any flower, because not all are the same, and they differ significantly. The regular variety can contain anything between 3 to 6%, but others that are Hybrids i.e. cross between two or more varieties can contain up to 10%+ levels. The best technique of delivering it into the system is either by smoking it or vaping it. This provides therapeutic results and instant relief of many ailments, and just a further relaxing feel.

The least you spend the lower the level, as generally known. The more you spend you can get the likes of 16% CBD which can cost anywhere between 15 – 17 Euros. When vaping, it is recommended to try the stronger strength ones, to get the full benefit of it.

Levels of CBD

Terpene profile

When looking around for the right kind and sifting through all the available information for this compound, you may have heard the phrase ‘Terpenes’. This is the one component that adds flavor and taste to any plant. This is what makes the difference between a nice taste and a bad taste.

Again, the preferred choice to take it is to smoke or vape it, this is because any good CBD is activated via heat. When you burn it, you can grab the best out of it, so smoking does this. Even when vaping, the heat produced burns the plant and releases smoke, along with the aroma and taste. This is an important part of the popularity as well because terpenes come in a variety of different kinds, from the sweeter ones to the more spicy or fruity notes and smell, some appeal to people while others don’t https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/what-are-terpenes

Plus, it is easier to distinguish the strain just by these two things. It’s like with perfumes, any aficionado can distinguish what perfume anyone is wearing just by taking a quick sniff of it. Other ways to tell is by the look, feel, and color of the hemp plant. These range from lush greens to browns and even purples and red hues. That’s why some strains are called ‘rainbow’, because they may have an array of some of these tones.

If possible and your ordering one, get a sample if possible. First, try it and if you like it buy some more. our advice is to try a few different ones before you settle for one. Vaping or smoking, as mentioned, are the best ways to use it, however, do not ever mix it with tobacco. Keep it organic and clean! That’s how they did it back in the day. Happy journeys!