Style Ideas for Wearing Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewelry which can make any outfit standout. There are different kinds of bracelets to match your clothes such as floral bracelets, bangles, vintage bracelets, bikers, wooden, bracelets with semi-precious stones, and many more. Some women find it hard to match bracelets with their outfits and other accessories. But there are many ways on how to accessorize with bracelets. Here are some of the style ideas for wearing bracelets.

Bracelet Stacking

Wearing several different bracelets on one wrist is one of the popular trends today. If there is a style called layering in wearing clothes, in wearing bracelets it’s called stacking. Bracelet stacking is something which can help you express your style. It also allows you to change your look at any time. You can swap different kinds of bracelets, rearrange them, or pair them together depending on what style you want to achieve.

If you have a collection of bracelets, it will be easy for you to mix and match them for every occasion. However, there are also some strategies in stacking bracelets to make them not look overdone or mismatched. Here are some tips on bracelet stacking.

  • Choose a focal point: In bracelet stacking, you should first pick a bracelet you want to emphasize. It can be your favorite piece or something that matches the color of your clothes. Usually, it is a piece that is thick or wide. Some of the good focal points in bracelet stacking are charm bracelet, beaded bracelet, metal cuff bracelet, leather bracelet, or a watch.
  • Add accents: Once you’ve chosen the focal point, pick other bracelets which can highlight it. Accent pieces don’t always have to match the main piece. Try to mix different kinds of bracelets to make the style look more versatile. You can also use thinner pieces such as link bracelets to fill in the spaces.
  • Mix materials: In stacking bracelets, you can mix different materials. It will make the style visually interesting. For example, you can try mixing beads with metals, gemstones with leather, or other combinations that will come up your mind depending on the bracelets you own.
  • Use different sizes: Another thing that will enhance the style of your bracelet stack is by using different sizes of bracelets. If you want more variety, you can stack thinner bracelets. Avoid stacking big bracelets together because they will look to heavy.
  • Play with colors: Mixing different colors of bracelets can also improve the look of your bracelet stack. You can choose color combinations that will complement your outfit. Aside from your clothing, other color inspirations can be based on nature, on mood boards, or other pieces of jewelry.
  • Consider the order: The order of the bracelets in your stack is also important to make it look good. You should keep an overall balance when you arrange them. Separate bracelets that tangles easily so your stack wouldn’t look like a giant knot. It’s also good to spread bright colored bracelets to keep the balance.
  • Start small: In bracelet stacking, it doesn’t need a lot of bracelets to be used. You can start with stacking a few of your favorite pieces. Once you get the hand of stacking, you can start experimenting with other pieces.

Dual Function Bracelets

Aside from bracelet stacking, there are also bracelets which have dual function. Most of them doubles as a watch. You no longer have to mix them with other bracelets because most of their styles already look like stacked bracelets.

Contrasting Color Bracelets

Another style idea in wearing bracelets is choosing one which contrasts the color of your outfit. For example, you’re wearing pastel colors, the bracelet you should choose can also be in a pastel color but pick a brighter colored one. Since your whole outfit is light colored, you need an accessory that will stand out and give you a fashionable look.

Matching-Style Bracelet

It’s also great to wear a bracelet that matches the style of your outfit. If you’re wearing an Aztec printed shirt, you can match it with an ethnic-style bracelet. It can give more emphasis to your outfit.

Accentuating-style Bracelet

Bracelets can also help you achieve the look you want. If you’re wearing a black dress and you want your outfit to look more classic, you can wear a simple gold or silver bracelet. If you’re wearing a ruffled dress or a printed dress, you can pair it with a lace cuff. It will make you look more feminine.

Wear Bracelets for a Cause

More than being a fashion accessory, you can also wear bracelets to support different organizations. You can wear bracelets that support the protection of rainforests and wildlife, or one that supports the education of children in certain places. Not only it will make you look stylish, it will also make you feel good knowing you’re able to help by simply wearing it. These kinds of bracelets don’t cost that much as well.

These are just some of the ideas you might want to try in wearing your bracelets. There are actually no rules on how to wear bracelets so don’t be afraid to experiment and match them with one another. And of course, more than being stylish, your comfort in wearing them should always come first.