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Are you looking for a complete jewelry cleaning kit for your jewelry, coins, or other cherished items? We have combined the strengths of our two best selling jewelry cleaning products to create the most comprehensive jewelry cleaning kit. Forget the cheap, abrasive solutions and see why everyone is using Simple Shine! Our 100% NON-TOXIC and biodegradable formula works to clean years of build up or simple daily dirt. Our gentle cleaning solution works on gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, CZ, pearls, beads, porous stones, soft stones, enamel, treated gemstones and more! Our kit also includes a travel sized 6" x 4.5" double sided 2 STEP CLEANING cloth. The cloth works to restore luster without scratching or removing finishes. Our premium cleaning fabric works on gold, silver, platinum and palladium metals. A favorite diamond ring cleaner and gold jewelry cleaner. The cloth is not recommended on fashion or plated jewelry. Use the inner cloth to rub the surface free of tarnish and then the outer cloth to buff the metal to the desired shine. The perfect finishing touch after using our gentle jewelry cleaning solution. The key difference between our products and cheaper solutions is that our cleaner and cloth have proven results while still being SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE and NON-TOXIC. See why others are calling us the best jewelry cleaner. Want to clean your jewelry and feel good about it? Try the Best Seller Complete Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaning Kit today and see why there is a difference! PREMIUM QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA.

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Simple Shine
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270 X 280 X 420   Inches