Major Styles of Wedding Cakes

Major Styles of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes today come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and flavors. The wedding cake design can be both fun and delicious and it should be something that would fit your venue setting and theme. Today, most of the wedding cakes are layer cakes with tiers. These tiers are separated using cake plates … Read more

History of Wedding Cakes

History of Wedding Cake

A wedding cake has traditionally been the centerpiece of marriage ceremonies. They have various sizes, styles, and designs which mostly symbolize the personalities of the couple. But did you know that wedding cakes have been part of wedding ceremonies since the medieval times? Wedding cakes are originally made of wheat which is … Read more

Introduction to Italian Charms

Charm bracelets are jewelry pieces which carry personal charms and pendants. These charms usually signify important things or have a specific meaning about the wearer’s life. Wearing a charm bracelet has been a trend especially for women. These bracelets are very fashionable, and they can reflect the wearer’s personality or mood, as well. … Read more

Types of Semi-Precious Gemstones Used in Jewelry


A semi-precious stone or also known as a gem or gemstone is a portion of mineral, which, in refined and cut form, is used to create jewelry. Aside from minerals, there are also organic resources or precise rocks that are also used for jewelry and can be considered as gemstones as well. … Read more

What are the Different Types of Gold Used for Jewelry?

What are the Different Types of Gold Used for Jewelry

When choosing a color of jewelry, gold is one of the most popular choices. But did you know that there are different types of gold used for jewelry? The secret behind that is blending gold with different metals to come up with variety of shades. Here are the different types of gold … Read more

Guide to Buying Jewelry on Amazon

Guide to Buying Jewelry on Amazon

From the time the internet opened its doors to online shopping buying jewelry became more direct with the opportunity to reduce middleman costs. We no longer need to go from one jewelry store to another to shop a wide range of styles, prices and options. Amazon is one of the biggest online … Read more