Guide to Rose Gold Jewelry

When it comes to buying the next piece of jewelry, an average woman has a couple of options to choose from. There’s yellow gold, silver and white gold, and these has become the most common choices among everything else for many years. But nowadays, women have another common option: rose gold.

Rose gold became one of the most hottest and trendy hues that took over the world these past few years. With this color being present at everything from fashion to interior design to technology, it’s no wonder that it became a popular type of jewelry. It offers a unique, romantic and feminine look that adds a modern vintage style that silver or yellow gold can’t give off. This color has come and go, but during this late 2010s, it became so popular. Learn more about this metallic hue.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a pretty precious metal that gives a rosy sheen. It’s a dainty and romantic choice for an accessory. Rose gold is made of a mixture of yellow gold, silver and copper. The copper gives it the reddish color that makes it distinct from yellow gold, while the silver helps tone down the redness of the copper, giving the finished product a subtle pink shade.

It’s made of a mixture of metals, but when it comes to purity, rose gold is not different from yellow or white gold. It is because gold is too soft to be used in its purest form, and any item made out of pure gold will be quickly bent out of shape. This is why the variations of gold like rose gold and white gold are not “lesser golds” when it comes to its value, but the mixture of other metals simply gives it a rigid shape and a different hue.

What are the types of rose gold?

When buying rose gold jewelry, you have two options. You can go for pure rose gold, which is more expensive, but has better quality. Buying authentic and pure rose gold is a good investment, as it can last for decades and you can hand it down to your children and grandchildren like other pure jewelry. But if you’re only looking for a cheaper option, there are plated rose gold jewelry that features a rose gold coating over metals like stainless steel or alloys.  

When was rose gold invented?

No one knows exactly when rose gold was invented. No one also knows who was that brilliant person behind the idea of mixing copper to gold. But we know that rose gold became popular in Russia during the 1800s. In history books, it was referred to as “Russian gold.”

Like many trends in fashion, rose gold came in and out of fashion. It has peeked during a lot of famous design periods. It was first popularized in Russia during the reign of Queen Victoria. Then, it was revived during the 1920s Art Deco era. Back then, tri-colored rings with yellow, white and rose gold were popular.

This trend wavered in the 1930s when platinum became the most popular metal used in jewelry making. It was the World War II that stopped the trend for platinum, as it became a valuable material needed for war.

In the 1940s and 1950s retro jewelry, the rose gold tone has made a comeback. This is why many describe rose gold as a “vintage” hue.

Why is it very popular nowadays?

A flat lay photo of rose gold office accessories featuring paper clips, pens, thumbtacks, planners and a pair of eyeglasses

For most of us who were not around during the 1940s and 50s, this color feels like a modern hue. This is because the recent use in technology like iPhones and laptops brought it back to the world of jewelry.

We all know that our generation today is obsessed with gadgets and it influenced a lot of other aspects of style. When the rose gold iPhone 6S was released in 2015, a lot of people became fans of the color, so now, almost everyone loves rose gold. The iPad, the MacBook and Beats headphones follow suit with the color. And now, a lot of other smartphone brands and smart watches released their rose gold versions of their products.

In 2016, the Pantone Institute named Rose Quartz as one of its colors of the year. Rose quartz is a non-metallic and equally beautiful sister to rose gold, which is probably where “millennial pink” came from. Millennial pink became a trendy tandem with rose gold for everything like gadgets, watches, office accessories and home accessories, among other things. It still remains a popular color of choice until today.

The color is popular as it tends to complement all skin tones. Its pink luster makes it the most romantic precious metal. It adds an instant touch of class, romance and timelessness to anything. Young people especially love the color due to its soft feminine look.

What to look for in a rose gold jewelry

A rose gold bangle with infinity detail

When you’re shopping for rose gold jewelry, there are some special considerations to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for the price you paid for.


There are a lot of rose gold jewelry out there, and the design is a personal preference. Look for something that will suit your taste. Rose gold jewelry can be simple and understated if you want, but it also works great with diamonds, pearls and other gemstones if you want to add a bit of boldness to it.


Price is a big consideration when it comes to buying jewelry. Cheap rose gold jewelry can be available, but it won’t be as high quality. The more expensive rose gold will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and will be more long-lasting.


When it comes to rose gold, the highest karat possible is 22 karats, which is also known as crown gold. The most popular karat for rose gold jewelry is 18 karats or 14 karats, and both are considered as good quality. If you’re going for a plated jewelry, look for those made with stainless steel or sterling silver underneath so it won’t rust or tarnish.

Why rose gold jewelries are worth your investment

A rose gold engagement ring with studs of diamonds

There are a lot of reasons why rose gold is chosen as a jewelry material of choice by a lot of people. Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth your investment:

1. It’s durable

If you’re dealing with real and genuine rose gold jewelry like wedding and engagement rings, it’s even more durable than yellow gold. It comes with copper, which is a very durable metal. In terms of longevity, it will last longer even when worn on the finger everyday for years. It does not chip, and the copper may darken slightly as it ages, making the pink luster appear a bit redder than when you first bought it. Also, rose gold has the advantage over white gold because it doesn’t require any maintenance, unlike the latter that needs to be re-coated with rhodium after years to keep its white surface.

2. It suits all skin tones

Jewelry experts say that rose gold suits more skin tones than yellow or white gold. Have you ever found that gold can look out of place in your skin? Well, try out rose gold and you’ll be pleased how it will your skin tone.

3. It blends well with other materials

The subtle hue of rose gold can complement crystals, diamonds, pearls and other gemstones beautifully. It can make the gemstone pop or look more luxurious without being gaudy.

4. It’s soft, subtle and romantic

If you have tried wearing yellow gold, white gold or silver and found that it’s too dramatic for your taste, you will be pleased about how soft and subtle rose gold looks on your skin. It’s also gives that romantic feel, and this is why it’s highly suitable as an engagement or wedding ring.

5. It’s instantly timeless

Rose gold has an exquisite vintage look and an instant antique appeal, so if you buy a rose gold-plated jewelry, it will look more valuable than it actually is.