Create Haute Couture Jewelry with Swarovski Crystal Beads

When you look at the crystal in your china cabinet and wish you could wear something as gorgeous on your ears or wrist, you have yet to discover Swarovski beads and cut crystal for jewelry making and design.

Swarovski crafts are much more than just crystal goblets and platters. The design house also creates breathtaking beads, charms, and baubles. You can purchase these to add to any design but using them on fashion jewelry makes the most sense.

You can craft bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, broach, or make a lanyard for your glasses. Add them to watchbands to make an ordinary watchband sparkle with splendor. These beads also complement a wide array of fashions. Use them to decorate Halloween or party masks for costume parties and hair combs.

The Internet teems with potential projects for you to make from these sparkling beads and baubles. Pinterest provides an essential resource for these on the board “DIY Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Projects.” It offers more than 290 projects for you to craft, including Christmas decorations and décor.

Most of these projects require a wide selection of beads, including round beads, crystal bicones, and Delica cylinder beads. You can imbue lace with these beads and crystals, such as Czech fire-polished beads.

These patterns sometimes require learning a weaving pattern or stitching method—for example, the triangle weave use on some bracelets.

These beads provide high-quality crystals similar to the lead crystal used in Swarovski glassware. These beads do not add to the danger of necklaces or bracelets, though. You would need to crush them into a crystal powder and eat them for them to do you harm. They cause no added problems than a typical wood bead if ingested. You still should not allow an infant to play with any beaded jewelry. Save yourself the hospital emergency room visit to help them expel it and ensure that it did not block their bowels by keeping all jewelry away from small children.

While some of these crystal beads and baubles fit onto the fishing line often used for beading projects, some were designed for use in metal chain jewelry, such as a gold or silver chain link or herringbone chain. These use the jewels to insert in the chain openings or through the chain’s links as an interwoven decoration.

Most of the projects require a bulk purchase of lead crystal beads, especially broaches and bracelets. These artistic beads come in numerous shapes, including round, flat, elongated, octagonal, hexagonal, and uniquely shaped pave beads. They may feature two holes to be sewn onto a fabric or a flat back so that you can glue them onto the media used. Swarovski also crafts pearls and pendants. The pendants come in shapes such as a solid heart or heart with see-through opening, round hoops, oval hoops, trumpet caps, Gancio caps, snowflakes, stars, moon phases, seashells, sea snails, flowers, butterflies, clover, crosses, and edelweiss.

You can also find pendants that already contain pave crystal designs. This means most of the work is already done for you. They can save you time when you need to turn around a quick project but could take the fun out of the jewelry making for a person who enjoys the detail work. Tigers, flower petals, dragonflies, and an eye pendant consist of the most common pendants available from this crystal design house.

You can easily find crafting projects online that use Swarovski crystals. You can also buy those crystals in bulk, allowing you to make as many projects as possible with a wide range of jewels.