White Gold or Platinum?

Planning to propose your partner-to-be for wedding, and can’t decide between gold and platinum ring? Do you have sensitive skin, and want to invest in pure metals? Well, this is just the right place to be where you will get all your aswers! 

Typically fine jewelry is either crafted from platinum or gold. However, both of these precious metals are entirely different from one another in terms of appearance, price, qualities, pros and cons. It is really hard to choose one of them honestly. Gold is a beautiful precious metal whose value and beauty is enhancing since thousands of years. On the other hand, platinum is a rare metal and its value is more than gold. In recent years, platinum has gained popularity as the most precious and luxurious metal. 

Major Difference Between The Two – Gold and Platinum 


As mentioned earlier, both metals are quite opposite to one another. Don’t believe it? Read out the characteristics of platinum and gold to decide yourself! 

1. Appearance – Color Difference 

First things first, appearance is the first thing an eye catches while pointing out differences between two things. In the case of gold v/s platinum, there is an obvious difference in their appearance, and that is their color. 

Naturally, gold is yellow in color. However, it can be mixed with different metals (alloyed) in order to get rose gold and white gold. Whereas, platinum has greyish-white metal tone naturally. 

How to Differentiate Between Platinum and White Gold? 


Some people confuse platinum with white gold. Especially while buying wedding rings, it is hard to decide between the two. If you are also stuck in a similar situation, then read on. 

In raw form, platinum is pale grey in color. Later on after polishing, it becomes reflective and turns into bright white color. While white gold has off-white color with a pale yellow hint even after polish. Another case is when white gold is plated with rhodium, it becomes white and even more brighter than platinum. 

2. Alloys

Pure metals – that are not mixed with any other metal, are very soft and not durable at all. Same is the case with both, platinum and gold. In their pure state, they can not be used in making jewelry because of their softness. 

Gold is alloyed to create several other shades of gold. For instance, when gold is mixed with copper and silver, its gold color retains. However, when gold is alloyed with copper only, it gives a beautiful pink shade known as rose gold. Similarly, mixture of gold, platinum and silver results into white gold. 

3. Malleability 


Malleability is considered as one of the major difference in these metals. Wondering about the term Malleability? Well, the physical state of metals which determine whether they can be pressed, rolled or hammered into fine sheets without any wear and tear. In simple words, the characteristic of metals to form a new shape under compression is malleability of a metal. 

Moving back to the topic, Platinum is less malleable as compare to gold and that is why it has the ability to create delicate designs and ensure secure settings of diamond in jewlry pieces. When we talk about settings of a softer gemstone with platinum; a force is required for the process that can damage the metal. In that case choosing white gold over platinum would be a wise option. 

4. Wear and Tear

Durability is another important factor to consider while investing in one of these metals. Engagement and wedding rings are usually made of either platinum or white gold, and we wear them everyday almost all the time. As a result, it may go through t lot, from obtaining a layer of soap and shampoo to dirt and debris. The main question is that which metal is great for wedding and engagement rings that can stand all these tough times? You wouldn’t want your precious ring to lose its charm and beauty but can’t afford to take it off either. Would you? 

Platinum actually becomes dull over time and gets greyish in color. How to restore? Get it polished every few years to bring the ring back to life. 

White gold engagement rings are usually plated with rhodium to give a white shade. However, rhodium may scratch away with time if used roughly. As a result, the natural warm color of gold will start to appear. What to do? White gold ring always required re-coating and polishing in every few year to maintain its charm and grace. 

5. Weight

So far, you might realised that the durability and strength of both metals is different from each other. The Same is the case with density of platinum and gold. 

Gold is heavy is weight, while platinum is heavier than that. Do you know that a ring made of platinum will be around 50% heavier than the same white gold ring in 18 K. However, it is a matter of personal choice, if you want gemstones like emerald in your fingers, then definitely gold is a better choice. Platinum pairs great with diamond though. 

6. Composition 

Some gold rings are made by alloying nickel, which can irritate sensitive skin. In case your significant other gets allergic reactions from nickel, you should definitely go for platinum as it is the safest option. 

7. Price


Both, platinum and gold are popular metals used for jewelry making, especially rings. Each has a different set of pros and cons. Their pure-white sheen looks great with any gemstone and diamond. Although, they may look similar but entirely different from each other, which can clearly be reflected through their price tag, depending on the density and purity of metal used in the making. 

For instance, if you take a design and get it made in gold as well as platinum. The outcome will almost be the same, even it will be hard for you to distinguish between the two. However, the price will be another story. Platinum is way expensive than gold/white gold because of its purity and density. However both of the rings will look equally stunning. 


Either you choose gold or opt for platinum, it is totally your own choice, preference and style. Mentioned above are the main characteristics and differences of both to help you make the right decision. However, price and composition are the important points to consider out of all of above. 

Platinum and white gold may look similar to the naked eye, but the price difference is huge. Therefore, recheck with your budget and make a choice accordingly. Secondly, you should always consider the fact that gold can cause reactions to sensitive skin, and you wouldn’t want your going-to-be spouse to get all red and swelled because of your proposal ring. Would you? Whereas, platium is the safest option in this case. So, have you made a decision already?