Are Promise Rings Still Given?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are the most popular types of relationship rings, symbolizing love without end. In fact, the tradition of wearing these rings can be traced thousands of years ago when ancient Egyptians gave their brides rings that symbolized immortal love. Later on, Roman men gave rings to women as a sign of … Read more

Signs You May Need Hypoallergenic Jewelry

 Having a skin allergy is one of the most annoying problems a jewelry lover can have. There are various different kinds of skin allergies, some of which include being sensitive to specific fabrics, chemicals, and natural elements in the environment. The most common among skin irritants are specific types of metal. This means that not … Read more

Guide to Rose Gold Jewelry

Guide to Rose Gold Jewelry

When it comes to buying the next piece of jewelry, an average woman has a couple of options to choose from. There’s yellow gold, silver and white gold, and these has become the most common choices among everything else for many years. But nowadays, women have another common option: rose gold. Rose gold became one … Read more

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners

GemOro 0361 Personal Jewelry Spa Steamer

Jewelries such as those made of metal and gems are shiny and sparkly when new. They can easily add a touch of glamor to any outfit. However, if you always wear them and you don’t clean them periodically, these pieces will gradually lose a lot of luster and shine. Cleaning your precious items by hand … Read more

Introduction to Claddagh Rings

Claddagh ring Usage and Symbolism

Claddagh rings are traditional Irish rings that represent love, loyalty, and friendship. Their designs, as well as the customs associated with them originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in Galway. Claddagh rings belong to “fede rings” which is a group of European finger rings. The term “fede” came from the Italian phrase “mani … Read more