Learn about the Gemstone Chrysoprase and its use in Jewelry

Chrysoprase rough gemstone

Chrysoprase is the birthstone connected to May and traditionally symbolizes happiness, creativity, and prudence. It is an apple-green gemstone that is also called the stone of Venus. Ancient jewelers occasionally mistake it for emeralds.  History  The word “chrysoprase” originated from its literal Greek translation, “chrusos” meaning golden, and “prason” meaning leek. Chrysoprase … Read more

Learn about the Gemstone Amber and its use in jewelry

Amber has a unique formation coming from the abnormal development of resin in living trees, called the process of succinosis. Living things continuously evolve to adapt and become more resilient to the environment. Trees do this by growing thicker bark or thorns or changing to prevent premature death or increase their reproduction.   … Read more

Save Money by Buying Jewelry from a Pawn Shop

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Pawnshops are a fantastic place to purchase gold and silver jewelry for quite a few reasons. To start, the price will be lower than it would be in a conventional jewelry store. In addition, you’ll discover special products that are exclusive to this store. Thirdly, there are many different types of gold … Read more

Caring for Platinum Rings

Caring for Platinum Rings

Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal. It normally contains 95% platinum and 5% alloys, or other metals. It is a thick, malleable silver-white metal that is marked as platinum 950 and is perfect for making jewelry. Every metal in the world will tarnish and chip over time. No metal is scratch-proof, … Read more

Are Hypoallergenic Necklaces Coated?

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Jewelry is a lovely way to convey your sense of fashion, personality, and spirit. When wearing jewelry, sensitivity to metals is a frequent issue that many individuals deal with. It may show up as redness, rashes, itching, leaking, and other symptoms. Then you realize it’s time to change your approach and choose … Read more

Difference Between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

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Gold is a naturally occurring substance with an estimated abundance of 0.005 parts per million in the earth’s crust. This substance was found hundreds of years ago, and due to its brilliance, inherent beauty, and luster, mankind has always found it to be quite alluring. Moreover, gold has always been regarded as … Read more

Are There Different Grades of Sterling Silver?

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Silver is the most common valuable metal among the many minerals. Due to its characteristics, it has been essential in many facets of civilization from ancient times. It has been used to create jewelry, service ware, and a variety of other products.  Silver needs to be reinforced with other metals since it … Read more

Most Popular Groomsmen Gifts

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Wedding

If you’re looking for the ideal and practical gift for your groomsmen, you have come to the right place. Below is a useful list of the most popular gifts for groomsmen, so you can find the best present for everyone on your list. Whether your groomsmen are into golfing, grilling, or just … Read more

Caring for a Platinum Ring that Becomes Dull

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Platinum is a beautiful and durable metal that is often used in jewelry. When it is first purchased, it may be shiny and dazzling. However, over time a platinum ring becomes dull and lackluster. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as exposure to chemicals or pollutants in the … Read more

Why Is Rosewood Believed to Have Healing Properties?

Rosewood surface

Rosewood has been used for centuries for its healing properties. People have long believed that rosewood can cure a variety of ailments, from skin problems to heart disease. There is some scientific evidence that supports these claims, and rosewood oil is now being used in a number of different products. In this … Read more