Little details that help you differentiate between high-quality jewellery and common ones

Pieces of Jewellery have so much value attached to them. For most people, they are items used to beautify their bodies and boost their appearance. Some people use them as gifts to show appreciation and gratitude towards their loved ones. However, everyone knows that low-quality, cheap and common jewellery is nothing to be compared with the type of jewellery that exudes class and elegance. As such, most people try to buy quality jewellery. But to the untrained eye, quality jewellery might be difficult to identify. Here are some few hints to help you identify them:


High-quality pieces of jewellery are just as their name implies; of high quality. From the appearance of the jewellery to the look, you will metaphorically see quality written all over. They exude a certain type of class and elegance that other pieces of jewellery do not have. To get the best out of your quality jewellery, make sure any jewel piece you pick matches with your outfit when you go out.


You do not need to earn all the money in the world to buy high-quality jewellery, but they are not sold at ridiculous prices, however. You can get common jewellery on a low budget but not high-quality jewellery. If you do, you should recheck the source to confirm if the jewellery had not been stolen from someone else and sold to you at a giveaway price. If you want a balance, 18K gold jewellery is a good balance between gold quality and price.

Reputation of the brand

You should also consider the reputation of the brand which produced the jewellery you want to buy. What do customers say about their products? You can read their customers reviews online if you are not familiar with it. Is the jewellery brand a luxury brand or a low-profile brand? Answers to these questions help you know which category your jewellery belongs to.


This is one of the things you should not forget to check when you are about to purchase some jewellery. Where is the jewellery made? Does it bear the hallmarks of your country? From the hallmark, based on the location of production of the jewellery, you can assess the quality. For instance, some countries do not produce good jewellery. Once you see the hallmark of such countries on the jewellery, you should postpone the buying decision.

Test the jewellery

To know high-quality jewellery, there are different kinds of tests you can do on it by yourself to decide if the jewellery you want to buy is of good quality. If it is a gold or silver material, try holding the jewellery piece next to a piece of magnet. If they stick together, then such jewellery is fake. Also, when a piece of jewellery irritates your skin, then such jewellery is not safe for you.


Normally you should be awarded a certificate when you buy diamonds. If you find that there are no attempts to give you a certificate where you bought the diamond jewellery, it is better you stop and do not buy from there anymore. You do not want to be accused of theft of murder or fraud. Your certificate helps to exonerate you.


Were you given any warranty at the place where you bought your jewellery items? If the jewellery items are really of high quality and the seller is sure of what they are selling, every buyer is meant to be given a warranty. A warranty is the dirt of protection that saves you from the extremes of fraud in the business. If there is no warranty on what you are buying, it probably is of low quality. Someone who sells low-quality merchandise will not want you to return it once you find out you have just bought the wrong thing, so they will offer no warranty.

When next you are buying your jewellery items, you can run the products through this list to get a good grip on the quality. If you want to enjoy your jewellery items, try as much as possible to invest in high-quality ones.