Jewelry Making Ideas for Kids

Many people love wearing jewelry pieces, not just adults but kids as well. Have you ever experienced your kids borrowing your bracelets and necklaces? It’s nice to see them having fun while wearing your jewelry pieces, but it’s better if they’ll have their own pieces to wear that will match their age.

It’s not necessary for you to buy jewelry pieces for your kids because you can create one for them or teach them how to make jewelry for themselves. Since most kids love arts and crafts, it’s positive that they will love to make jewelry pieces as well.

If you and your kids want to try making jewelry, we will give you some project ideas we’ve gathered online and some tips on how to make jewelry for kids.

Create Earrings Using Beads:

Where to Buy
Perler Beads I-Pegboard Tablet Accessory Starter Kit
Jump rings
Ear wires
Needle-nose pliers

1. Perler Beads I-Pegboard Tablet Accessory Starter Kit

Free downloadable app includes 50 designs; plus additional designs available for purchase. Includes 900 beads (orange, blue, green, yellow and red) and a Bead Tweezer Plus.

2. Jump rings

Ranges from 10mm-15mm (3/8 – 9/16 inch) Mix of Bright Colors

3. Ear wires

6 Colors: antique bronze, red copper, golden, silver, platinum, metallic gray The earring hook's size: about 18 mm long, 0.8 mm thick; The hole's size: 2 mm

4. Needle-nose pliers

Materials: Steel, Rubber Measurements: 5.75 Inches

This jewelry making idea was shared by The Thinking Closet.

All you need are Perler beads with pegboard,jump rings, ear wire, needle-nose pliers, and your iron and ironing board at home.

You just need to lay the beads on the pegboard in whatever shape or style you and your kids like, then iron them together by placing a parchment paper on top. Once the beads have fuse together, you can now use the pliers to attach the findings together.Creating this jewelry piece is very easy. In fact, you and your kids can finish it within ten minutes

Make a Wire Wrapped Rock Necklace:

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Leather cords

1. Leather cords

60 assorted color necklaces made from smooth faux suede. Plus we throw in an extra 5 necklaces, that's 15% more than other sellers!

2. Wires

SHINY VIBRANT COLOR: Durable & even color; Marring or blemish free; Colors may vary from different dye lots or due to lighting & monitor resolution.

3. Rocks

Add to Vases, Jars, Bowls, Rock Gardens, Terrarium and Bonsai Gardens to name a few. Decorative Rocks have a polished finish.

This idea was from Mom Dot. The things you need for this project are leather cords with clasps, wire, rocks which you can buy from craft stores or pretty ones you can find outside, and pliers.

Once you’ve gathered all the materials needed, ask your kids to wrap the wire around the rock until it’s secured. After that, help them in cutting the wire. Then get the leather cords with clasps and fuse the wired rock to it. You just need to add the cord between the wire and twist. And there, your child now has a necklace with a rock pendant. She could create as many as she’d like and give them out to her friends.

Create an Eighties Charm Necklace:

Where to Buy
Small flat erasers
Screw eyes
9mm round jump rings
Lanyard hooks
Flat Oval Link Necklaces

1. Small flat erasers

500 Mini Eraser Assortment. See images on this listing. Fun express toy.

2. Screw eyes

Counting by weighing, there could be ±20-30pcs quantity deviation. Hope we can get your understanding. Thanks.

3. 9mm round jump rings

Rockin Beads (TM) Brand comes with Rockin Beads Size Gauge Card. Silver Plated Brass.

4. Lanyard hooks

These are made for easily attaching different parts to lanyards and key chains. This is a new set of 200 nickel plated lanyard hooks.

5. Flat Oval Link Necklaces

Approximate length: 24" (60cm) -- 5mm x 7mm flat oval links -- About 6 links per inch. Don't forget the matching CleverDelights pendant trays and glass cabochons for beautiful custom jewelry.

This project idea was from Mama Miss. The supplies you need are small flat erasers with different designs like zoo animals, insects, dinosaurs, and others, screw eyes, 9mm round jump rings, lanyard hooks, oval link necklace, and pliers.

You just have to screw in the screw eyes into the top of the erasers. Then, attach the jump ring using the pliers. Once it’s attached, clip on the lanyard hook to the jump ring then place the charms in your desired order on the oval link necklace. Your kids will surely have fun choosing the eraser designs and arranging them in order on the necklace. They can also change the designs whenever they want.

Make a Sand Art Necklace:

Where to Buy
Small charm bottles
Sand with different colors

1. Small charm bottles

Package Content: 50pcs 0.5ml Vials Clear Glass Message Empty Bottles with Cork and 50pcs Eye Screws.

2. Sand with different colors

Size: 10 packs of 50grams each of 10 different vibrant colors. ColorMarathon® Brand High Quality Colors. Non Toxic Festival Colors.

3. Cord

It is manufactured in China. It is Earthy Assorted set. It comes in a set.

This jewelry making idea came from Easy Peasy and Fun. The things you need are small charm bottles, sand with different colors, and a cord.

This one’s very easy to make. You and your kids just need to put the colored sand first into the mini bottle. Once the bottle is full of sand, use its cap to press down the sand as tight as possible. This will prevent the colors from mixing when shaken. You can also put some glue on the cap to be sure it won’t open. Once the bottle with sand is done, attach the cord on top of the cap. And there, your kids now have their very own sand art necklace.

Create Button Rings:

Where to Buy
Thick elastic bands
Different shaped buttons

1. Thick elastic bands

Use it for waistbands, necklines or crafts anywhere you need the ease and versatility.

2. Different shaped buttons

Plastic stars squares hearts rectangles circles hexagons octagons flowers. Beads in fun shapes and colors great for stringing and making jewelry.

This idea came from Instructables. All you need are, thick elastic bands, different shaped buttons, needle, and thread.

First, take a thick elastic band and measure it to the size of your child’s finger then cut it. Once the elastic band is ready, stitch up the two ends together then stitch a button on the stitched end. Once you stitched up one button on the elastic band, you can glue up the other buttons over the first one. You can do the sewing, then let your kids glue the following buttons and create their own designs.

Jewelry making can bring out your kids’ creativity. Once you’ve teach them some jewelry making projects, they will be able to think of their own designs. If your kids are truly into jewelry making, start them young by teaching them and giving them jewelry making supplies they can use to practice their skills.

Here are some things we found that can be great gifts for your kids who love jewelry pieces.

Where to Buy
Kids Jewelry Box DIY Kit
Just My Style ABC Beads Kit
Pepperell Creative Beading Cords

1. Kids Jewelry Box DIY Kit

Novelty - Lovely sweet candy jewelry making kit make baby kids more creative, they can diy anything they like, necklace, bracelet, headband even a pillow cover, beaded curtain.

2. Just My Style ABC Beads Kit

Mix and match the jewelry cording and beading strings to create knotted and beaded creations. create your own personalized messages and phrases.

3. Pepperell Creative Beading Cords

These bright and colorful braided laces are perfect for young hands doing beading and lacing activities. Contains twelve total laces in a variety of colors.

Once your kids master the art of making jewelry pieces, you will no longer see them borrowing your jewelry. Plus, it can enhance their skills and creative imaginations. Who knows, maybe they will become great jewelry designers someday.