What are the Major Kinds of Jewelry?

Matching jewelry with our attire has been a habit of most of us. Whether we are going to work, attending parties, or even just staying at home, we nearly always wear one or two pieces of jewelry and maybe a lot more. The word jewelry comes from the Latin word “jocale” which means “plaything”. It is known as a universal form of adornment. They are usually made of different materials like wood, stones, metals, shells, pearls, etc.. Here are the major types of jewelry.


Earrings are the type of jewelry that is attached to the ear by piercing the earlobe. Ear piercing is one of the oldest form of body modification. Other than the earlobes, it can also be worn on the other parts of the ear like on the rook and tragus. Back in the ancient times, earrings were usually worn by men. Egyptians and Assyrians wore them as a sign that they belong to a higher class. They were also worn by thieves and pirates in the 13th century to demonstrate their abhorrence for society.   During that time if a man wore earrings on both of his ears, it meant that he is the last of his family line, therefore, he will be guarded by his neighbors and will not be allowed to join the war. As the years passed, earrings eventually became a normal accessory for both men and women depending on the culture.   It used to be taboo in America for a man to wear earrings but today while not as commonly worn as women its not unusual to see a man with one or more earrings.  


A necklace is jewelry worn around the neck. It is usually made from metal chains with stones, beads, or shells attached to it. Necklaces are believed to be very old because they existed during the Stone Age which to today. Old necklaces were made of natural materials like vines, animal sinew, bones and teeth of prey animals, and naturally occurring gems. When the modern era came, there were a variety of materials available to make necklaces such as cloth working and metalworking. This allowed the necklaces to be made from gold and other materials and these made them more durable and intricate.


Bracelets are a type of jewelry that are worn around the wrist. The term bracelet is from the Greek word “brachile” which means ‘of the arm’. The early bracelets were worn by the ancient Egyptians and they were made from grasses, tree limbs, and shells. Then they eventually made copper and bronze into bracelets as well. After the Bronze Age, artisans made bracelets out of gold and silver. Bracelets were also a symbol of wealth back in that era. There were a lot of styles and designs that emerged as years passed. Some are full of designs and charms and some are simple looking. Today, bracelets, aside from being fashion accessories, are also being used to support social causes and have various meanings.  They are also definitely a status symbol with some celebrities and starts wearing gold, platinum and diamond encrusted bracelets worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.


A ring is a round band worn around the finger, or sometimes around the toe. They are usually made of metal, but some are also made from other materials like plastic, glass, wood and gemstone. Some of them also comes with stones on them such as diamond and emerald. Finger rings are found in tombs back in 2500BC. Ancient Egyptians wore finger rings and some of them have the famous scarab design and they were usually made of bronze. In the classical period, the material of rings shifted from bronze to silver and gold. In the late middle ages in Europe, wearing multiple rings on each hand was introduced in the world of fashion. Today a variety of ring styles are worn with a wide range of metals, styles, designs and prices.


A watch for the past couple of centuries has been a very commonly worn jewelry that people used every day. It is designed to be worn around the wrist, but there are also other kinds like the ones we carry in our pockets and even toe watches. Watches evolved from the larger clocks with springs. The word watch is from the old english word “woecce” meaning “watchman” because it is what watchmen used to keep track of their shifts at work. Watches were developed in the 16th century and back at that time, they were mechanical and are powered by winding. Then it became an electronic device and evolved into being a digital accessory.  With the growth and popularity of smart phones, the utility aspect of watches has diminished and the focus has been more on the watch as fashion accessory.


An anklet, or also known as ankle chain is a jewelry worn around the ankle. Like bracelets, they are also made with different materials like chains and other gems. The ancient Egyptians enjoyed wearing jewelry including anklets. It has also been worn in ancient Persia and India. When the 20th century came, the ankle bracelet became popular in the United States. Today, different styles of anklets are available in the market, from simple to very creative ones.

These are the major types of jewelry that are worn almost every day. Each of them has different kinds and styles as well.  Some jewelry were sold at very affordable prices and some are very expensive. But no matter their price or brand is, jewelry can surely add style to our everyday outfits.