How to Identify Metals in Jewelry

Hallmarks on gold help in identifying real gold jewelry.

Craftsmen today use almost every pliable metal they can acquire to satisfy the popular demand for jewelry. Jewelry items falling in all sorts of pricing, quality, and design range are available in the market. However, the market is also filled with fraud and counterfeit jewelry. Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of … Read more

Ring Buying Guide for Men

Most men only wear one ring in their life which is the wedding band. Some, however, wear rings with personal significance such as a class ring, a family seal, or a Masonic emblem. Only a few men wear decorative rings. But rings are both for men and women, it’s just that women … Read more

The Different Types of Silver Used in Jewelry

The Different Types of Silver Used in Jewelry

Silver has long been connected to jewelry and fine things.  Its been immortalized in song for example the one hit wonder Looking Glass’ song – Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl): Brandy wears a braided chainMade of finest silver from the north of SpainA locket that bears the name of the man that … Read more