How Are Pearls Formed?

Pearly Jewelry

Nature has a great way of doing things. Sometimes it completely catches us off guard with something that we had never imagined. Amongst such things, there are pearls. The majority of people are aware of the fact that most gemstones are formed over thousands of years buried within the deep. However, what they are not … Read more

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings She’ll Love

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond is the number one choice or the dream of many. However, most of us are aware that diamond rings are costly. Meaning, not everyone can afford a diamond engagement ring. Aside from that, some people are searching for other beautiful engagement rings that are not diamond. Those who … Read more

Introduction to Birthstones

Birthstones are precious gemstones that represent each month of the year or a person’s month of birth. The legend of their origin can be traced back to 1912 and it is believed that these birthstones correspond to the twelve stones on the breastplate of Aaron. According to the myth, each of them represents a different … Read more