What Types of Jewelry Was Worn During the Steamboat era?

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The development of the steamboat era in the United States of America started taking place in 1705 when the first few projects were designed and made. Next was the patenting stage which started after years of work. In 1729, the patenting of steamboats began.  Soon after the patenting, steamboats became standard practice … Read more

Famous Necklaces in Movies and TV

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Most people’s favorite movies and television shows are remembered for their stories, characters, and plot. However, most people or viewers do not consider is the effort and time put into selecting costumes, wardrobe, location, backdrops, and as well as additional accessories. These might be small details, but all of these are what … Read more

Stylish Bamboo Necklaces

Tanya So Pretty Bamboo Everything Block Letter Monogram Necklace

Bamboo isn’t just a pretty wood you use as an accent to your garden or as material to your floors and walls. There are so many creative uses for it, and you can also find it used as jewelry. If you’re looking for a unique wooden necklace, you can choose ones made … Read more