Famous Watches in Movies and TV

person wearing a beautiful wristwatch

Movies and television shows are a form of art, and they can truly create a lasting impression on both individuals and the culture as a whole. It can be via their music, imagery, themes, or most enduringly, with their style. In fact, a lot of movies and television shows have influenced people in terms of … Read more

Guide to Wearing Neck Chokers

woman wearing a black neck choker

When it comes to fashion accessories, there are some pieces and trends that most of us can’t wait to make a comeback. Luckily, one of the fashionable accessories we had before made a comeback, and it became more sophisticated than ever. What is it? It’s the neck chokers. Back in 2016 and 2017, neck chockers … Read more

The Guide to Promise Rings

A promise ring in a box

Promise rings represent the love a couple has for each other. When a person gives a promise ring, it symbolizes intense feelings and commitment to the person. It’s a sign of a serious relationship. But most people do not know when and how to give it, and how to choose the perfect promise ring. Here’s … Read more