Craft Show Business: How to Sell Jewelry at Craft Shows, Maximize Sales and Minimize Risks

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Newly Updated NOV 2018
Disappointed in your craft show sales? Are you choosing the wrong shows? Investing your money and time in craft shows doesn’t have to be a gamble. Even in a tough economy, you can grow your jewelry business when you learn strategies that work.

The top reason artists fail at craft shows is poor show selection. Add to that an undefined collection, an ineffective presentation and profits are hard to come by.

Imagine if you could bypass all the common mistakes when selecting craft shows, before booking your first show. What if you could learn the most effective way to sell your jewelry before spending any money on shows? Craft Show Business reveals not only how to avoid craft show duds, but also how to sell your jewelry using proven strategies for success.

The vast majority of craft show information focuses on basic advice without all the meaty how-to details. We all know that putting out a candy dish for visitors will not attract serious buyers, but only those who want free candy!

Backed by 27 plus years of industry experience, at over 300 craft shows, the strategies contained in this book will walk you through the business step-by-step. Discover proven methods for selling your jewelry, growing your perfect customer base and for building a successful jewelry business.

Proven Sales Strategies

With over 60 pages in the “Proven Selling Strategies” chapter alone, this book will change your perception with crucial information that puts you in charge of your own success. Here’s what you’ll discover in this in-depth, information-packed book:

  • How to choose the best shows that will bring in a profit and build a repeating customer base

  • How to rethink your application packages to increase your chances of getting into better shows

  • How to display your jewelry to create maximum impact that pulls in the sales

  • Learn to effectively market your shows and drive more traffic to your booth

  • Learn how to talk and engage with a crowd without scaring people off

  • Discover how to properly prepare for an upcoming show and set yourself up for success

  • Learn insider tricks for how to increase sales and build a solid customer base

  • Learn how to keep the good shows coming and the bad ones at bay

  • Learn how to price your work and increase your profits

  • Make record keeping simple and free up your time to make more money

  • Learn lots of proven strategies to increase your sales and build on top selling items

  • Learn how to stand out from the competition

  • How to tweak your business so that you have money coming in year round

  • How to protect yourself and your work at shows

  • Learn how your personal money blocks hold you back and what potentially prevents you from having a thriving business

The most common craft show risks can be avoided by preparing yourself with the right knowledge. Craft Show Business gives you an insider’s grasp of how to choose the best shows and arms you with vital insights on how to present and sell your work. You will learn proactive strategies that are tested and verified.

Think of the possibilities for your business when you can learn time-proven methods that will have you selling like a pro. This long-needed book cuts through the steep learning curve and eliminates years of wasted money and time.

With complete and thorough advice from a seasoned professional, Craft Show Business is the essential guide, giving you the facts you need to make the important decisions. Take the guesswork out of building a show lineup you can count on starting now.

Before you spend a dime on a craft show, find out everything you need to know about selecting great shows and how to boost your sales at craft fairs and festivals. Let this be the year you finally get your collection out there and into the hands of your customers!

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