Pandora Charm Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Pandora jewelry is always well-received, especially if it’s a gift from a special person. If you know your girlfriend means a lot to you, why not give her a Pandora charm or twothat she can add to her Pandora bracelet? It’s a perfect birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s gift, or you can give it as a simple token of love and appreciation. Here are some of the charms your girlfriend will surely love:

Where to Buy
Open Your Heart Filigree Charm
Infinite Shine Charm
Entwined Love Charm
Love & Kisses Charm
Poetic Blooms Charm
Blush Pink Radiant Hearts Charm
Glittering Heart Charm
Kiss Charm
Burst of Love Charm
Angel Wings Pendant Charm
Sparkling Stiletto Charm
Multi-ColoredArcs Of Love Clip
Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm
Oceanic Starfish Charm
Lucky Elephant Charm

1. Open Your Heart Filigree Charm

Show your girlfriend how warm and sincere is your love for her with this romantic Open Your Heart Filigree Charm. This features several open hearts and a beaded trim. It has a beautiful rose gold color.

2. Infinite Shine Charm

Tell her that you intend to love her to infinity and beyond with the Infinite Shine Charm. The infinity signs that encapsulate this charm signifies everlasting love that will surely make her heart flutter.

3. Entwined Love Charm

This Entwined Love Charm symbolizes how your heart is entwined to hers. Its unique and authentic design in sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones will touch your girlfriend’s heart.

4. Love & Kisses Charm

Tell her “I love you” with this playful Love & Kisses Charm. It features a fun pattern of lips and hearts in classic sterling silver. Though you won’t always be by her side, your kisses will always be hers.

5. Poetic Blooms Charm

Why give a bouquet of flowers that will only last for days, when you can give her a Poetic Blooms Charm that will last for a long time? This floral heart charm features a cluster of dusty pink and white enamel flowers and cubic zirconia stones.

6. Blush Pink Radiant Hearts Charm

Add a vintage appeal to your girlfriend’s charm bracelet with this button-shaped, Blush Pink Radiant Hearts Charm. It’s a rose gold charm featuring a blush pink crystal surrounded by clear cubic zirconia stones and cut-out hearts.

7. Glittering Heart Charm

If you want a cute and playful addition to your girlfriend’s charms, get the Glittering Heart Charm. It’s made of sterling silver topped with glittery enamel in a dainty pink color.

8. Kiss Charm

Does your girlfriend love sending youflirty, kissy emojiswhen she’s texting you? Show her you appreciate even the smallest of her romantic gestures by buying her a charm inspired from the kiss emoji face! This sterling silver charm features a glittering red enamel lips that looks too pretty not to wear.

9. Burst of Love Charm

Express your feelings of love and happiness with this heart-embellished Burst of Love Charm. It features dainty pink and red enamel hearts and sterling silver with beaded trim. It’s a colorful and lovely addition to your loved one’s charm bracelet.

10. Angel Wings Pendant Charm

If you know your girl’s your angel, she deserves this beautiful locket charm. Angel Wings Pendant Charm features a pair of angel wings wrapped around a pink enamel center. It is intricately crafted from sterling silver and is embellished with cubic zirconia stones. When you open the charm, you can see the heart-shaped pink enamel.

11. Sparkling Stiletto Charm

If your girlfriend is the ultimate glamour girl, give her this Sparkling Stiletto Charm and she’ll love it. It’s a pendant sterling silver charm shaped like a stiletto and decorated with micro pave-set cubic zirconia stones.

12. Multi-ColoredArcs Of Love Clip

This colorful, heart-shaped clip in sterling silver makes a pretty charm to your girlfriend’s Pandora charm bracelet. It is studded with multi-colored stones and crystals that is inspired by the rainbow. It also has an inner silicone grip to make sure it stays in place.

13. Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm

If your girlfriend is fascinated by the night sky, give her this sparkling dangle charm. The Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm features a night sky landscape, with a moon and starsin sterling silver and stones, and a separate midnight blue enamel disc. On the silver side of the disc, a message “I love you to the moon and back” is engraved.

14. Oceanic Starfish Charm

For a beach-loving girl, this Oceanic Starfish Charm is perfect for her. This shimmering starfish charm in sterling silveris intricately designed with Puresse-cut stones in a fresh mint color. This charm looks perfect with this dangling starfish and seashell charm.

15. Lucky Elephant Charm

If you’re not yet ready to give her hearts, kisses and infinity symbols, go for this Lucky Elephant Charm. Make this cute little elephant made of sterling silver her lucky charm.